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Off-page SEO: Link building techniques


Linking building is also called as off-page SEO strategy. Linking building refers to system of backlinks and internal links. It deserves to be called as strategy because there are many models for this task which you are often heard such as Link Wheel, Link Pyramid, etc.

In SEO strategy, there are two minor ones known as on-page SEO technique and off-page SEO technique. There are many techniques in these 2 types techniques. Perhaps I will share later.

The most important part is to choose the right and relevant keyword and then write the SEO-friendly contents. If the competition is low, you can easily get high ranking and traffic for those keywords. On contrast, the competition is high, you should get supports from the backlink building techniques here.

For some other affiliate websites or other blogs, I spent more time focusing on very very low competitive keywords. You know, if one keyword has 10-100 searching queries per month, each day I write 1 article, after 1 month, I can get 300-3000 traffic monthly at minimum, right? And then what happens for the next month, and the month followed, etc?

Ok, you can read more for the keyword setting and selection and how to write SEO friendly articles in my previous posts, in this post, we will focus on link building!


In this post, forget about link strategy as pyramid link model or link wheel model. They are quite complicated for the new comers. I only focus on one way link building to make it more simple for you as a new comer in online marketing.

One way link building is an important part of your overall SEO strategy. The major search engines view these as high quality inbound links - when done right.

In this post I'll give you 4 simple one way link building strategies that give your Link Reputation a nice little boost, and also bring in highly targeted traffic all on their own.

One Way Links are valuable because they are viewed as truer votes towards your web page. The exception is sponsored links, or one way links that are obviously purchased. There are a number of ways that Google can tell this, which is one of the reasons that a permanent inbound link tends to gain more weight over time.

Easy One Way Link Building Strategies

The goal is to get permanent one way links pointing to your web pages, whether that be the main page of your site or internal pages or blog posts on your domain. You need a good number of quality deep links to those internal pages to boost your overall Link Reputation. Following are 7 very easy ways to achieve that...

1. Article Marketing

Submitting articles to article directories such as,, etc which you have complete control over the content and the link. This is a great method that people have been using successfully for years. However, some article directries are free and some need to pay for premium usage.

In addition to getting indirect rankings when your submitted article ranks well, and then funnels traffic into your site, your article can also get republished all over the web - resulting in numerous quality one way links.

2. Social Bookmarking

Ideally you should include social bookmarking buttons on your blog posts or web pages to encourage your readers to bookmark your content. This is the best and most natural way to get one way links from this source.

You can also set up your own social bookmarking accounts, but my advice is that for every link of your own that you bookmark... you should bookmark 5 or 10 other links on domains or properties you do not own. This keeps it natural, and resourceful.

3. Private Paid Link

Although I don't want to mention this technique here, it is still the most effective and simple for the newcomer and newbie in internet marketing.

It is considered as paid media. You will offer other bloggers a one-time payment to blog about a specific link on my site. Most of the "pay per post" brokers pay their bloggers $5-$15 for blog posts, so that price range is suitable - particularly for B-list or C-list bloggers. I can access fiverr to find and try for this kind of service.

I do not specify anchor text, give them more than one page or blog post to choose from, and just request that they blog about the topic and link back to the page/post. I do this because I want link variation, and because I'm buying "advertising" or "buzz" - rather than specifically buying text links.


One thing you really want to stay away from is programs or schemes designed to create your one way links, or text link brokers that sell you one way links.

These programs and brokers are really frowned upon by the major search engines and could hurt your Link Reputation rather than improving it.

This being the case, I still purchase text links from time to time - I just do it smarter. And I never purchase a temporary link, but rather a permanent contextual inbound link on a relevant content page or blog post.

4. Testimonials

This is one of the most effective methods to use. However, you will create an appealing scheme to inspire others to share their stories as well as use your links. For example, you sell T-shirt in website, facebook, and e-commerce platforms. You create a scheme for old customers that you will give away 1 new designed T-shirt for them if they can share their stories with you link.

There are many interesting techniques you can create and make your blog posts reach more audiences. Here are only 4 most simple techniques which I wrote for the newbie in online marketing. I hope it is helpful for you!

Thanks and best regards

Ryan Holmes


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