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7 ways to earn money online during this pandemic

If you're looking for a way to earn money online during this pandemic, then we have 7 solutions for you. We'll show you how to earn money online fast and free from the comfort of your own home with these 7 methods. These are all legitimate ways that work well in any area.

Benefits of online work?

If you are a student, then this is the perfect way to earn money. If your friends and family have left for work or if they live in an area where there is no power because of pandemics, then online jobs will be one of their few options to make some extra cash. Online workers can continue working even when technology systems are down.

You can earn money in the comfort of your own home, which means you don't have to worry about a commute or typical office hours. It's quite easy to find online jobs that work with your schedule and availability.

One of the best benefits is that most online jobs don't require travel. That means you won't have to deal with congestion, gas prices, and other transportation headaches when it comes time for work or a job interview. Especially, in this pandemic, you don't have to risk yourself on going out and meet others to work and earn money traditionally. You can earn money at your own pace without feeling pressured by someone else's rules because there are no bosses in an online position. It is possible to create passive income streams through affiliate marketing or building up an eCommerce website.

Online jobs are perfect for people who want to make a little extra cash with no experience required. If you're willing to try new things and learn, then there's really no limit on what you can earn online.

The downside to online work is that it can be difficult to get started. It's not uncommon for people to have a hard time finding legitimate jobs without any experience or connections. The good news, though, is there are plenty of ways you can earn money online with no experience at all!

7 Ways to earn money online:

1. Take Remote Freelancing Assignments:

If you have a set of skills or experience that are in demand, there is no better time to get your name and work out there. Remote freelance assignments allow people who wouldn't otherwise be able to find employment with a company the opportunity to earn money working from home. Instantly submit your resume for remote freelancing opportunities at Fiverr, Upworks, Elance, Freelancer, Odesk, or Guru.

For this way, you can earn money quickly after joining and creating your gig (term in Fiverr) or your service package. The key tip is to offer the lowest in the first phase to get attention from potential clients with the purpose of getting more reviews and ranking, and then you can offer more package or increase price.

2. Sell Clothing / handmade stuffs / handmade foods / drinks Online:

If you have some clothes that are just sitting in your closet or storage and collecting dust, maybe it's time to put them up for sale online. Sites like eBay make selling clothing hassle-free so if you're looking to earn money from home try this idea on for size!

Other options are to sell handmade stuffs like accessories, decored furnitures, drawing jars, foods, and drinks. Perhaps, you will be surprised by my such idea!!!

However, let's consider our potential customer insight carefully, what will they do during the blockdown in some countries? Buying groceries, foods, and drinks online... of course! But some people have more freedom during work from home, some people lost their job, some people don't know what to do... AND they can expose more to social media, especially, are active in youtube, Tik Tok,... so they need to look great.

An inspirational story is Kathryn Hall, 38 years old, living in London. She was working in a call center and began to feel terrible pain in her torso. She was subsequently diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue that resembles the endometrium of the uterus affects a quarter of women who grow elsewhere in the body. She started experiencing severe abdominal pain and started having to take a lot of work off, which was really hard to deal with. While waiting for surgery, she began painting furniture on the floor of her living room. After surgery, she switched to smaller, more manageable items. She couldn’t lift heavy furniture during the recovery, so she started drawing jars and jars instead. It was so responsive that she started selling it on social media and Etsy. After that, it became a snowball. She couldn’t believe it. Today, the company sells a wide variety of household items, from storage units to cleaning products. Inspired by the diagnosis of endometriosis, this brave mother now has a £ 1-million business.

She can do it! So do you!

For this way, you can earn money quickly after promoting your product. Try it today! If you need to get advice on how to start, just inbox me a message! I can help you!

3. Set Up an Online Store To Sell Handcrafted Items:

Handmade items are a hot commodity in this day and age. If you have some skills that lend themselves to the handmade arts then take advantage of them by selling your creations online. Sites like Etsy make starting an online store easy so what could be better than making money while doing something you love? Find out how you can start earning cash through your craftsmanship by clicking here.

4. Start a Blog:

A blog is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Not only will you not have any competition, but you can also use your own content and write about what interests you. To get started with blogging, follow these simple steps from "Blogging for Dummies."

  • Pick a topic that interests you

  • Start a blog on (use your own domain name if you have one)

  • Write articles or publish posts about this topic and earn money from ads, affiliate links, sponsorships, etc.

  • Promote your content by submitting it to directories such as DMOZ which will help bring in traffic.

  • Share links to your blog with friends, family members, and colleagues via email or social media sites such as Facebook.

For this way, you can't earn money quickly. Just consider it as a hobby or an investment first, day by day, your online presence improves and then your blog can catch more audiences. Then you can start earning money from ads, affiliate, or selling your own products.

4. Work From Home in Customer Service:

A lot of people have contacted customer service looking for work-from-home opportunities and they are now regretting it! If you're one of the many who is unhappy with their current job, try to find an opportunity that allows you to work remotely while still making money in customer service. Customer service is a great choice for people who are looking to work from home because you can be your own boss and set your schedule with flexibility!

The same way as the first one, you can search opportunities at Fiverr, Upworks, Elance, Freelancer, Odesk, or Guru.

For this way, you can earn money quickly after joining and creating your gig (term in Fiverr) or your service package. The key tip is to offer the lowest in the first phase to get attention from potential clients with the purpose of getting more reviews and ranking, and then you can offer more package or increase price.

5. Teach an Online Course:

If you have a unique skill or expertise and want to share it with the world then teaching an online course is perfect for you! There are lots of ways that people can teach courses including Udemy, Skillshare, Educator's Network. You can inbox me for any advice!

6. Start a Podcast:

If you love to talk and have a message that's worth sharing, then consider starting your own podcast. Podcasts are a way for people with an opinion or expertise on any subject to share their ideas while entertaining listeners like yourself. You can even monetize it!

7. Transcription Services:

If you love to type, but not so much the idea of talking to people all day then transcription services might be perfect for you. Transcription work involves listening to recordings and typing out what was said as accurately and quickly as possible. There are lots of opportunities online with companies like Rev even offering direct deposit! Find out how you can start working from home as a transcriptionist by clicking here. (Link)


During the pandemic, it's important to be as safe and healthy as possible. It can be difficult to find a balance between your work life and personal life when you're sick or recovering from an infection. This is where these 7 tips can help with earning money online during this pandemic. If you need more information on how we do that, please contact us! We will assist in creating a plan for making money on the internet. Please let us know if this content was helpful and you would like to see more of this type of information in the future.



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