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Psychic Detective

Book 10

Ryan woke up in the middle of the night. Looking around the room, he saw his dog Ralphie missing. He jumped out of bed and walked into the hallway. The door of his mother's room was open.
Ryan walked into her room, "Mom?" the darkness in her room deepens. "Mom, you ok??"
All of a sudden, he heard a gunshot. He tried to run around for any source of light, but he felt his feet stuck to the ground.
"Mom!" He screamed in frustration; the tears started to roll down his cheeks.
"Mom! Answer me, please!" he fell to the ground.

Psychic Detective

Book 9


Install it...and you will die!

At least three people in this story!

Do you want to know and discover why?

Read it now to explore the challenges they faced and how they overcame them!


Psychic Detective

Book 7

Ava found out that the victim#2 “Cyril Adam” from previous case has been harassing girls from high school and the college. The first challenge Ava and Ryan seek is identifying the girls.

The head of department is not helping FBI and he is a suspect and Jefferson tries to file a case against him if Ava finds out the culprit.

Ava suggests if Ryan can see specific memory.

The case gets complicated when she finds out the girls either dropped out from the college transferred. While tracking down the girls, they discover how girls went missing but still call their parents monthly saying they are studying just find.

Things get complicated but the news broke out in the college and media is frantic.

Read it now to explore the challenges they faced and how they overcame them!


Psychic Detective

Book 8

Ava was temporarily terminated in 14 days and was requested to take a break by Jefferson. He offered her a one-week vacation in Hot Springs. Reluctantly, Ava had to accept the offer and invited Ryan and his team to join.

During the vacation in the Hot Springs area, there were a series of suicides under the same tree. A rumor was that the tree was haunted for years. At night, the tree would call and attract girls to come and commit suicide.

Psychic Detective

Book 4

Knowing the risk of having an unidentified gang in the town, Ava had been asked to collaborate with the Chicago FBI station. One of the significant problems Ava faces with collaboration is the need for Ryan’s ability. Still, he is not an official member of the FBI.

Read it now to explore the challenges they faced and how they overcame them!


Psychic Detective

Book Set I

The first collection of Psychic Detective Ryan Holmes contains the first four mysteries solved by the combination of Ava, an elite special agent, and Ryan, a schoolboy with amazing psychic ability.

Psychic Detective

Book 5

A series of bomb attacks happened in Borbaidale. They were all informed in advance to the police station and media by a group of terrorists. Unexpectedly, the attacks were informed in advance that they would be exploded within specific points of time,… but the real explosion time was totally different, they were just in several minutes.

The unclear motives and direction made public and FBI in Borbaidale fear without defining what to do!

Read it now to explore the challenges they faced and how they overcame them!


Psychic Detective

Book 6

Ava looked at Ryan and then at Jefferson.
She spoke, “From my profiling, our killer is someone who is mentally disturbed. In other words, he’s a genuine serial killer. Serial killers act along by nature. There are 2 types of serial killers: those who act without logic and don’t hide the links between their crimes and the others with a high intelligence level, before committing the next crime, destroy the evidence and cover up any possible trail that can link one crime to the other. And yes, there will be some cases what we call mixed cases.”


Psychic Detective

Book 1

A mystery fiction series highlighting a schoolboy’s psychic ability, which is discovered by Ava, an FBI agent when he and his sidekick Tony were involved in a murder investigation. With his special ability to see the disjointed memories of someone or something, he helps Ava to solve a series of mysteries.

Psychic Detective

Book 2

In this second story, Ava and Ryan worked together to solve the cases of "Smiling Corpses". The victims were killed in happiness.

Read it now to explore why they were killed but still smiled.


Psychic Detective

Book 3

The story is filled with mind-twisting mysterious, theories and action with a new perspective of the human mind and sad reality of one’s life. The story describes the feeling of Ava and Ryan as a continuation of the series

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