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With just enough passion, young people can do everything they want

With just enough passion, young people can do everything they want

In 2012, I started my first trial for affiliate businesses and in 2014, I started my first e-commerce startup on the side during working for Unilever. Sometimes I wonder whether I could be brave enough to overcome laziness and fear? I always tried my best, to overcome the objective and subjective difficulties, be strict with myself and have a clear plan of action. It's really hard for me then because I handled big brands with intensive marketing activities and I had to go around to find and deal with suppliers after work hours and in the weekends while to find the ways to push the products to end-consumers. My first startup was not successful because of 2 things: 1) I was so confident with my relationship during working for big brands and 2) I couldn't predict the deep and continuous sales promotion of new international e-commerce groups. Although it was not successful in terms of revenue objectives, I still got some key learning and of course the data for the next startups.

For me, the era of technology 4.0 is an opportunity to open but also many challenges ahead. The challenge is that you must keep up to date to keep up with the trends of the times, while the main opportunity is the ability to learn, observe and select valuable lessons learned from the previous person. Technology, smartphones, Internet, social networks ... are companions of modern young people to access a huge knowledge base and help them become inspiration for others.

Compared to the previous generation, young people 4.0 possess great advantages and opportunities thanks to technology. They are easily known, recognized after serious efforts, creating quality products. Young people like Giang, therefore, also have the spirit of daring to live, dare to think big and act out of passion that is driving them.

From that inspiration, the stories of young people and the spirit of the generation to do things could not be more and more inspiring. They themselves have painted very different portraits for their generation, those born in the era of technology boom, dominate and drastically change modern life.

Samsung has pursued the "Do What You Can't" philosophy for many years. This philosophy is reflected in the way Samsung constantly researches, invents and applies new technologies to its products, making technology a tool to support creativity, innovation, and redefine standards. in modern life.

Similar to the spirit that surpasses all barriers to pursue the passion of young people, Samsung wants to become a brand that accompanies the generation to do the impossible and inspire to honor the spirit of dare to think and dare to do.

Come back to my case, I was proud of myself that I could get the key learning and accept them to move forward rather than just stay in the same position and wonder why they happened to me. I could change my approaches rather than hoping the giants didn't beat my business. I started to think harder and smarter. Why didn't I try to copy which already worked. Although it was not a good story to tell, I admitted that copy was also a good strategy, at least for newbie like me then. I reviewed all my affiliate businesses then to define which were the most effective and find out why. Shy to confirm that I tried to copy and make a new product for myself in "premature ejaculation" and it really worked. For me, it was not a pride because I couldn't create and build my own new products or brands. But for YOU, I believe that it was a good learning that you can succeed without any outstanding or special talents.

Nowadays, the era of technology 4.0 will be an opportunity for you to voice out who you are and help you earn a lot of money which you have, for sure, never thought of. So try to learn and develop your digital businesses now!


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