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Revolutionizing Safe Sex Education: The Viral Campaign of Comdom 08

In this case study, we explore the innovative viral campaign of Comdom 08, a condom brand aimed at educating and changing the perception of safe sex among young adults in Stockholm, Sweden. The target audience consisted of individuals aged 20-30 who showed indifference towards using condoms as a precaution against AIDS. Leveraging mobile apps and unique QR codes, Comdom 08 introduced an interactive mobile application called "The Sex Profile" to measure and enhance sexual pleasure while promoting condom usage. This article delves into the campaign's channels, execution strategy, and its remarkable results in shifting attitudes towards condom usage.

Understanding the Objective

Comdom 08's primary objective was to educate and alter the mindset of young adults regarding the inconvenience and reservations associated with using condoms. The target audience in Stockholm displayed a lack of interest in condom usage as a means of protection against AIDS. The campaign sought to address these concerns and promote the message that condoms and safe sex are sources of pleasure rather than obstacles.

Leveraging Mobile Apps and QR Codes

Comdom 08 strategically utilized mobile apps and QR codes as channels to engage with the target audience. By offering 50,000 free condoms in public places, each condom was equipped with a QR code that encouraged users to download the "The Sex Profile" app.

Website interface with "sex profile" template

Unique Execution Strategy

The Sex Profile" app was designed to enhance sexual experiences and promote condom usage. Users were encouraged to activate the app before engaging in sexual activities, which tracked various parameters of pleasure, such as volume, duration, rhythm, and even the user's location. Initially, the app reminded users to use condoms, and then it recorded the pleasure metrics during the intimate moments. Users were then able to upload their anonymous performance charts on the campaign's website, entering details like age, hair color, and mood to create an anonymous profile. The campaign organizers compiled and compared the data to create banners, outdoor posters, notice boards, and volunteer campaign t-shirts displaying the "sex charts" of participants with similar preferences or moods.

Measurable Results

The unique campaign approach yielded remarkable results. A total of 5,900 "Sex Profiles" were submitted, indicating high engagement and participation among the target audience. Moreover, the campaign's impact was evident as 39% of young adults in Stockholm reported having a more positive perception of condom usage, highlighting a shift in attitudes towards safer sex practices, as reported by Marketingespresso.


Comdom 08's viral campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of leveraging mobile apps and QR codes to engage with young adults and alter their perceptions of condom usage. By introducing "The Sex Profile" app, Comdom 08 successfully educated and empowered its target audience to embrace safe sex practices. The campaign's measurable results, with a significant number of "Sex Profiles" submitted and a notable increase in positive attitudes towards condoms, validate the success of this innovative approach. This case study serves as an inspiration for brands seeking to revolutionize safe sex education and promote condom usage among young adults through creative and interactive digital campaigns.


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