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Vietnam's First Viral Marketing Campaign - Close-up

This case study examines the groundbreaking viral marketing campaign by Close-up, a toothpaste brand, in Vietnam from August 2008 to March 2009 - Tìm em nơi đâu? (Where can I find you?). Close-up aimed to target the youth demographic aged 15-25, including students and working professionals. The campaign's objective was to address the reserved nature of Vietnamese youth when expressing their emotions, particularly in romantic relationships. By leveraging the power of the internet and creating a unique and authentic love story, Close-up sought to captivate the attention of the online community and promote their toothpaste as a means of enhancing confidence in interpersonal communication.


The strategy employed by Close-up was to generate interest and engagement through the development of a romantic and captivating narrative based on a real-life love story. The creative idea revolved around a male college student's online quest for love. The story was shared through various internet channels, including the popular Blog 360, YouTube, forums, and Yahoo Messenger.

The viral clip kicks off the "Where Can I Find You?" campaign


The campaign began with a blog post on, where the protagonist expressed his desire to find love and encouraged anyone interested to contact him. The story quickly gained traction and became viral through Yahoo, YouTube, and forums. Close-up capitalized on the public's attention and conveyed the message of "being confident in the search for love." Close-up facilitated interactions with the audience through online contests, allowing young individuals to engage with the campaign's message. The campaign culminated in the "Lễ hội tình nhân" (Valentine's Day), where 500 couples gathered to share a kiss.

Nam's blog has the same appeal as a page of the "influencer" in those days


The execution of the campaign encompassed several phases. Initially, the story went viral through channels such as blogs, YouTube, and forums. To further strengthen the campaign's reach, Close-up collaborated with influential bloggers, engaged in public relations activities, and leveraged offline marketing channels. The brand's visibility increased through participation in industry events, television appearances, print advertisements, and outdoor displays. Close-up also organized an online contest that allowed participants to predict the story's outcome, creating a sense of engagement and anticipation among the audience. The campaign's success was highlighted by the Valentine's Festival, where 500 couples passionately demonstrated their affection, reinforcing the campaign's central message.

The contest helps young people unleash their creativity and participate in the brand's story


The campaign achieved remarkable results, solidifying its status as Vietnam's first viral marketing endeavor. The YouTube videos garnered an impressive 3.9 million views, amplifying the brand's online presence. Additionally, Close-up witnessed a significant sales increase of 45% during the campaign period, validating the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The campaign was recognized for its excellence in direct marketing, winning the silver award in the Best Direct Marketing Campaign category at the AME (Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness) Awards. Close-up successfully connected with its target audience, sparking conversations about love and confidence, while simultaneously promoting the toothpaste brand.

Close-up's viral marketing campaign, "Tìm Em Nơi Đâu?" (Where Can I Find You?) in Vietnam, revolutionized the local marketing landscape. By harnessing the power of the internet, Close-up captivated the attention of Vietnamese youth and encouraged them to express their emotions confidently. The campaign's success can be attributed to its unique and authentic storytelling, strategic use of various online channels, and engagement initiatives such as online contests. Close-up's innovative approach not only established their toothpaste brand as a market leader but also paved the way for future viral marketing campaigns in Vietnam.


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