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McDonald's #RaiseYourArches Campaign: A Bold and Ingenious Branding Success

In January 2023, McDonald's partnered with Leo Burnett, an advertising company, to launch the #RaiseYourArches campaign. This daring and adventurous campaign stood out by not featuring the company's key assets, such as restaurant visuals and iconic menu items, which is a unique approach to marketing.

#RaiseYourArches: A Storytelling Triumph

The #RaiseYourArches campaign revolves around a group of office employees "conspiring" to enjoy a meal at McDonald's. However, instead of engaging in lively discussions about McDonald's, the characters in the video communicate without uttering a word. They simply use subtle facial gestures, like raising both eyebrows, to exchange information. By the end of the video, viewers understand that this raised eyebrow gesture cleverly simulates the famous "M" arches logo of the brand.

This innovative approach has effectively conveyed the message that McDonald's is so pervasive and trusted by customers that it doesn't need any explicit mention to be recognized and appreciated by all.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Following the campaign's launch, McDonald's strategically utilized social media platforms as a primary pillar in their marketing efforts. The purpose was twofold: to increase brand awareness and enhance customer engagement. The global fast-food giant collaborated with food bloggers, influencers in the fashion industry, talented dancers, makeup experts, and popular television personalities with hundreds of thousands of followers. These brand collaborations resulted in the creation of short video content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Consequently, the campaign went viral and garnered greater public attention. Additionally, McDonald's encouraged people to participate by sharing their own raised eyebrow photos and videos with the hashtag #RaiseYourArches on social media.

#RaiseYourArches Campaign

Incentivizing App Downloads

Throughout the campaign's duration, McDonald's also enticed consumers to download their mobile application by releasing daily discount codes that lasted for two weeks. This approach not only increased app downloads but also promoted repeat visits to McDonald's as customers sought to take advantage of the daily discounts.

Resounding Brand Recognition Success

The #RaiseYourArches campaign undeniably succeeded in elevating McDonald's brand recognition. A study conducted by System1, which evaluated 150 consumers, revealed that a remarkable 98% of them recognized the advertisement as McDonald's before its 60-second duration ended. In comparison, other brands in the same category achieved an average score of 91%. This outcome clearly demonstrates that McDonald's achieved extraordinary brand recognition through this campaign.

#RaiseYourArches Campaign


The #RaiseYourArches campaign by McDonald's, driven by creativity and risk-taking, proved to be a remarkable branding success. By skillfully conveying the brand's identity without relying on traditional assets and employing a diverse social media influencer strategy, McDonald's captivated the audience and achieved resounding recognition. The campaign's resounding triumph is a testament to the power of innovation and daring in marketing, securing McDonald's position as a brand worthy of admiration and emulation.


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