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Valentine’s seasonal marketing campaign: Teleflora embraces the power of female compliments (USA)

Valentine’s seasonal marketing campaign: Teleflora embraces the power of female compliments (USA)

A big creative idea, built on a powerful insight that got people engaged and talking. Telefora boosted front-of-mind awareness, just at the critical moment in the year.


  1. A physical PR event, amplified through social media

  2. Big creative idea: Love Out Loud, building talkability, and an additional wave of engagement through getting some people complimenting each other back – creating emotional stories


Getting attention around Valentine’s Day can be tough. And for a flower delivery brand, to maximize sales and awareness, everything needs to happen well before people are ready to start talking about Valentine’s so assets can be created and a campaign delivered.

Typically that means being in-market a week before, so if new assets are being created then a fast turn-around is essential


Teleflora uncovered the human insight that a compliment from another woman ‘is the real stuff’. They also recognized that Valentine’s Day was a moment to celebrate love and friendship in its broadest sense.

They created a big campaign idea that would drive talkability among their target audience, build the brand’s reach, and build its equity. The floral delivery service partnered with Emmy Award-winning host, comedian, and author Loni Love to encourage women to #LoveOutLoud.

The retailer used a PR event to create content that would fuel YouTube and other social media channels and be leveraged across its own marketing ecosystem.

Loni took to the streets of Los Angeles in Teleflora’s ‘Love Out Loud’ truck to surprise women, give compliments, and share unexpected compliments between one another. Free bouquets were given away, with recipients encouraged to gift them to a friend.

The film captures heartwarming moments of how flowers and a special gesture can bring people together and build warmth and engagement. As the Love Truck journeys around the city, something beautiful happens — women start complimenting one another, and the rest is all smiles and tears. It encouraged people to shower the special people in their life with love – one handmade, hand-delivered Teleflora bouquet at a time.

This integrated campaign (and ad) was created by The Wonderful Agency (USA) for Teleflora.


  1. The film quickly reached 3m views

  2. It fuelled the digital ecosystem of Teleflora, provoking conversations and getting cut-through in a cluttered media landscape at the biggest moment of the year

Why it matters

The approach is repeatable and scaleable across categories and creative ideas. The formula here uses a small live event to build engagement, filming and editing quickly to get a strong campaign asset, and then publishing through social media. The assets are amplified through the brand’s owned media, and crucially, topped up with paid media to boost reach.

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