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Unilever's Phái mạnh Campaign: Empowering Men with a Total Offensive

Unilever's "Phái mạnh" campaign was a strategic endeavor aimed at driving significant growth in the male grooming sector. By establishing a dedicated forum for men and focusing on contemporary lifestyles, Unilever sought to increase market share and position themselves as a top-of-mind brand among the male demographic. This article delves deeper into the campaign's strategy, target customer, channels, execution, and the remarkable results achieved by Unilever.


The core strategy of the "Phái mạnh" campaign revolved around capitalizing on sports events and activities that resonated with men. By creating a dynamic space for discussions, the campaign aimed to stimulate engagement and encourage the target audience to actively participate through conversations and comments on the most trending topics. This strategic approach ensured relevance and resonance among the male demographic, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Target Customer

Unilever focused on four flagship brands catering to men, each with its distinct brand positioning. Clear Men targeted individuals with ambitious aspirations, portraying them as natural-born heroes who always strive to present their best selves. Rexona Men appealed to energetic, daring, and humorous individuals who fearlessly face life's challenges head-on. Vaseline Men targeted men who confront difficulties with passion for technology, always staying informed and offering valuable insights. Lastly, Axe catered to men interested in dating and seeking "romantic" moments.


To effectively reach the target audience, Unilever utilized multiple channels as part of their multi-faceted approach. The campaign leveraged the following channels:

Website: The campaign's dedicated website served as a hub for discussions and engagement. By featuring compelling content related to men's lifestyle and the brand's product offerings, the website aimed to attract and retain visitors, providing a platform for sharing opinions, experiences, and insights.

YouTube: Unilever utilized YouTube as a prominent video-sharing platform to amplify their campaign. Engaging video content, such as tutorials, lifestyle tips, and brand-related content, were shared on the official Unilever channel. This allowed for wider reach, increased visibility, and engagement among the target audience.

Yahoo: The campaign leveraged Yahoo as a strategic channel for reaching the male demographic. By utilizing targeted advertisements, sponsored content, and partnerships, Unilever aimed to capture the attention of Yahoo's extensive user base and further reinforce brand awareness and engagement.


The "Phái mạnh" campaign was executed in three key stages to maximize its impact:

Pre-launch: During the pre-launch phase, the campaign focused on building anticipation and generating awareness. The website featured content centered around globally relevant sports events, piquing the interest of the target audience and creating a buzz around the forthcoming campaign.

Launch: The campaign's official launch aimed to captivate the audience and encourage active participation. Shared content on the website, including articles, blog posts, and videos, revolved around the brands and products offered by Unilever. Interactive features, such as comments sections and discussion forums, fostered user engagement, allowing for a two-way dialogue between the brand and the audience.

Amplification: To maximize the campaign's reach and engagement, Unilever extended the shared content to mobile devices, YouTube, and various social media channels. This ensured that users could access campaign-related information anytime, anywhere. The campaign's amplified presence on digital platforms facilitated greater visibility and further propelled Unilever's messaging among the target audience.


The "Phái mạnh" campaign's utilization of social media channels proved highly effective, generating remarkable results and benefits for Unilever:

Unique Users (UU): During the campaign period, the "Phái mạnh" campaign attracted over 2.5 million unique visitors, with a significant growth rate of 159% in August, reaching 953,700 unique users. This showcased the campaign's ability to engage and resonate with the target audience, solidifying Unilever's position in the male grooming market.

Page Views (PV): The campaign exceeded expectations in terms of page views, surpassing 20 million within the designated timeframe. In August alone, the website received 7,474,396 page views, a remarkable 373.72% increase compared to the initial goal of 2 million views. These impressive figures underscored the campaign's success in driving traffic, capturing user attention, and sustaining user engagement.


Unilever's "Phái mạnh" campaign exemplifies the power of a well-crafted, multi-channel marketing strategy targeted at the male demographic. By strategically utilizing sports events, engaging content, and leveraging digital platforms, Unilever successfully captured the attention and engagement of their target audience. The campaign's impressive results, including increased unique users and page views, demonstrate Unilever's ability to effectively position their brands in the male grooming market and establish the "Phái mạnh" forum as a leading platform for men's lifestyle discussions.


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