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London Marathon rebrands with new website

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

London Marathon Events (LME) has launched a new look for the London Marathon and its newly developed website.

In a Covid-free world, each year LME hosts 13 of the world’s leading events in running, cycling and swimming, inspiring more than 200,000 participants. Its portfolio of world-class events includes the Virgin Money London Marathon, the world’s greatest marathon, and RideLondon, the world’s largest cycling festival.

LME turned to the Manchester division of international digital agency Dept to guide the rebranding for LME and its events and develop a centralized solution for managing its portfolio of websites. The first phase of the project involved its flagship event, the London Marathon. The event’s refreshed branding is now live on the new London Marathon website built on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Jason Ochoa, Head of Digital at LME, said: “We appointed Division because of their ability to combine creativity and technology. The agency’s understanding of our organization and our values ​​means that our new website and brand truly reflect the hundreds of thousands of people we inspire every year. . Our teams enjoyed working with Dept on both the creative and technical aspects of the project and look forward to continuing to work together. ”

The London Marathon attracts people from all over the world. Inspired by the achievements of elite athletes as well as participants in general, Dept created a new brand for the London Marathon to celebrate their emotional moments and achievements; from embarking on the first practice to the intensity of crossing the finish line.

Dept designs custom templates inspired by the marathon race; a set of unique geometric designs to represent the ground runners run on, the landmarks they see along the way, and the thousands of steps they take to reach the finish line. The lines are placed at an exact angle of 26.2 degrees, matching the marathon distance exactly.

The introduction of statement templates, vibrant colors, clear typography and a branded photographic style revived the London Marathon’s identity and achieved consistency across its branding.

Dept applied the refreshed branding on the first of eight websites they are designing and building for LME. Built on the Sitecore Experience Platform, LME now has platforms built for enhanced personalization, scalability, and improved user experience. Dept has taken a no-brainer approach to the architecture, ensuring LME has the flexibility to change the look and feel of its website, where its content is located, and how it appears on different devices, all without any development support.

UK managing director at Dept, Brian Robinson, said: “Dept set out to provide a solution that not only meets the needs of today’s LME but also integrates with new and continuously evolving technologies. grow and scale as the organization grows. The future-ready solution delivers an exceptional digital experience, while providing the scalability the LME needs. ”


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