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Fanta Selfie Battle: Transforming Selfies into an Interactive Brand Experience

In a highly competitive soft-drink market in Vietnam, Fanta faced the challenge of limited resources and a cluttered media landscape. To overcome these obstacles, Fanta devised a creative campaign that tapped into the popular trend of selfies among teenagers. The Fanta Selfie Battle aimed to position Fanta as a must-have accessory for selfie enthusiasts, engaging them in a unique and interactive brand experience. This article explores the campaign's key elements, its execution, and the impressive results achieved by Fanta.

Creative Idea

Embracing the Selfie Phenomenon

Selfies have become an integral part of teenagers' online sharing culture, from social media platforms like Facebook to Instagram. Fanta aimed to leverage this behavior by positioning itself as an essential part of the selfie experience. The challenge lay in finding a way for a brand to influence highly personal content that users had complete control over. Guided by Fanta's mission to bring more fun into the world, the brand embarked on a daring idea to turn Fanta into a sought-after accessory for selfies.


The Fanta Selfie Battle

The Fanta Selfie Battle was introduced to Vietnam, offering a uniquely fun experience for teenagers. It commenced with the introduction of new Fanta labels on cans and bottles, each associated with a different characteristic that resonated with teens' need for self-expression. A series of Facebook ads, specifically designed for mobile, showcased the collection. To equip teenagers with the necessary skills, Fanta organized an online training course conducted by popular idols.

A Digital Campaign for Selfie Enthusiasts

The digital campaign centered around the Fanta Selfie Battle, where teenagers were pitted against each other in three rounds to showcase their selfie skills. A mobile-friendly Battle Ring was created, allowing participants to easily take selfies, upload them to the website, and vote for their favorite "Hot or Not" selfies. This groundbreaking approach empowered teenagers to be both contestants and judges, all at the touch of their fingertips. To sustain excitement throughout the contest, Fanta incorporated viral videos featuring celebrities and fun memes created by popular Facebook pages. Original content, including behind-the-scenes glimpses of selfies with Fanta cans, added to the campaign's appeal. The top three selfie stars from each theme competed for the title of The Selfie King/Queen.

The Selfie Bible for Skill Enhancement

Following the conclusion of the Fanta Selfie Battle, Fanta launched the first-ever Selfie Bible, a compilation of the best selfies from the campaign. This resource provided teenagers with the opportunity to further refine their selfie-taking skills. The Selfie Bible encompassed various themes, fostering creativity and self-expression, and enabling teens to become masters of the art of the selfie.


The Fanta Selfie Battle campaign delivered remarkable results over an eight-week period. It successfully reached over 3.5 million people and garnered more than 5.1 million video views. The battle attracted over 41,000 registrations, indicating significant engagement. The impact on Fanta's business results was equally impressive, with a 24-point increase in purchase intent and a 16-point increase in top-of-mind awareness in key cities compared to the previous year. The campaign also enhanced Fanta's image as a fun brand, experiencing a 2-point increase. Furthermore, Fanta achieved a 20% volume growth compared to the previous three months. The campaign not only utilized mobile as a channel but also established Fanta as a must-have item for teens' selfie endeavors, solidifying the success of the Fanta selfie campaign.


The Fanta Selfie Battle campaign demonstrated Fanta's ability to leverage the selfie phenomenon to create a fun and interactive brand experience. By integrating its brand into teenagers' selfie-centric lives, Fanta successfully engaged its target audience and achieved exceptional business results. This case study highlights the power of innovative marketing strategies and creative thinking, showcasing how even brands with limited budgets can make a significant impact by tapping into popular trends and embracing the preferences of their target audience.


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