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Heineken - Exploring the World's Cities

Heineken, a global beer brand, introduced the "Exploring the World's Cities" campaign featuring the Heineken Cities bottle edition and an adventurous journey through impressive cities worldwide. This initiative by Heineken aims to celebrate the boldness of men around the world.


According to a global brand survey conducted by BusinessWeek and Interbrand, Heineken is the only beer brand instantly recognizable by its label-free bottle. Heineken has become synonymous with beer worldwide. This success stems from the brand's early recognition of the importance of international business and building a global brand image. The company consistently sponsors renowned music and sports events such as the US Open, Heineken Classic Golf Tournament, Rugby World Cup, and a series of jazz music festivals.


  • Establish a strong connection between the brand and consumers.

  • Strengthen the brand's positioning and enhance its global reputation as a beloved beer brand worldwide.


Heineken portrays its target audience as ambitious men who strive to leave their mark on the world's major cities. They aspire to be known for their desire to "Open their world" and explore the world around them. However, they often struggle to break away from their local environment.

Heineken provides a solution through an integrated campaign with a single mission: to inspire and encourage individuals to discover the world within their own city. The campaign infiltrates the daily lives of Heineken enthusiasts through direct city-focused media.

Creative Idea

The campaign's message, "Explore the World's Cities," is conveyed through viral clips showcasing the fascinating aspects of different cities. These clips ignite inspiration, prompting people to explore and experience new international-class adventures within their own cities.


The "Explore the World's Cities" campaign by Heineken promises to be a unique journey for young Vietnamese individuals, encouraging them to seek, explore, and experience international-class adventures right in their own cities. This special journey allows fans to become true "Guides" who uncover the hidden beauty of their cities.


The campaign's highlight is two "Sound of the World" grand events held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in early September 2015. These events promise to create explosive moments with cultural performances representing vibrant cities, accompanied by world-class lighting and music.


The TVC, titled "Explore the City," produced by Heineken and Agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, depicts an exciting journey of a man following mysterious addresses found on a lost business card belonging to a woman named Eve. This adventure leads him to unexpected discoveries and fascinating destinations within the city.


Vietnamese KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) such as Diem My 9x, Harry Lu and Petey Nguyen, Tuan Hung, Huyme Production, Cuong Seven, Ho Vinh Khoa, Manh Quan, Big Daddy, have shared their exciting experiences in major cities. Fans conquer and enjoy thrilling challenges during the journey, sharing their photos on Facebook with hashtags #openhcmc, #openhanoi, #opendanang, or #opennhatrang. The most impressive images, voted by the community, receive special rewards. Additionally, Heineken runs social ads on Facebook to increase consumer awareness of the campaign.

Furthermore, to facilitate online participation for fans, Heineken has designed a special guidebook called the "Nightlife Insider Kit" for "Guides," introducing unique and impressive locations in Vietnam's four major cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Nha Trang.


Heineken officially launched the "Explore the World's Cities" campaign in Vietnam and introduced the special edition Heineken Cities bottle for Ho Chi Minh City. This is Heineken's latest initiative to inspire and encourage people to explore and experience new international-class adventures right in their own cities. For the first time, customers in Ho Chi Minh City can enjoy the specially designed Heineken Cities bottles featuring prominent red stars and the names of major cities on the label. The six primary bottle designs represent New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Rio de Janeiro, serving the global campaign of Heineken. In the Vietnamese market, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are the two cities featured on the Heineken bottle.


Information about the "Explore the World's Cities" campaign has been published on various news platforms such as,, dantri, baomoi, etc., with Heineken's distinctive green brand background.


With over 140 years of continuous innovation worldwide, the "Explore the World's Cities" campaign offers a unique journey to deliver the best exploration experiences of the world to Vietnamese fans this year.


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