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TikTok partners Shopify for social commerce

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

TikTok partners Shopify for social commerce

TikTok has formed a global partnership with the e-commerce platform Shopify, as the popular video sharing app expands its social commerce ambitions.

The partnership will make it easier for Shopify’s one million-plus merchants to reach TikTok’s younger audience, and will ultimately expand to include other in-app shopping features.

The agreement will enable over a million Shopify merchants to create, run and optimise TikTok marketing campaigns straight from a custom dashboard upon downloading the TikTok channel app from the Shopify App Store.

At launch, the agreement lets Shopify merchants create, run and optimise their TikTok marketing campaigns directly from the Shopify dashboard by installing the new TikTok channel app from the Shopify App Store.

Once installed, merchants will have access to the key functions from the TikTok For Business Ads Manager at their disposal.

The ad tool carries over key functions from the TikTok for Business Ads Manager, enabling merchants to create native shareable content that transmutes products into In-Feed video ads.

Additionally, Shopify Merchants will gain the ability to target audiences based on gender, age, behaviour and video category as well as track the performance of campaigns over time.

Moreover, Shopify merchants will be able to utilise ‘TikTok Pixel’, a tool to more easily track conversations driven by advertising. As a part of this effort, Shopify merchants can also install or connect their “TikTok Pixel” — a tool that helps them to more easily track conversions driven by their TikTok ad campaigns.

Currently, e-commerce merchants can track user actions like a user browsing their page, a registration on a website, adding items to their cart, placing an order, and completing the payment.


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