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The most in-demand programming languages in the UK

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

When it comes to coding jobs, Python is the programming language Brits most intend to learn, followed by SQL, with Brits most interested in data analyst roles, according to new research.

The most in-demand programming languages in the UK

Prolifics Testing sought to discover the technology-related jobs Brits are most interested in and the programming languages they most want to learn.

The most in-demand technology jobs across Europe

From an analysis of the current technology jobs available across Europe, there is a huge demand for software engineers and systems engineers.

In Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Netherlands and Norway – software engineering is the technology job role with the most openings currently available. The same is true for systems engineering in Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Interestingly in Poland and Russia, it is a programming-specific job in the form of Java Developer that has the most positions available for employment.

In other countries, AI Engineering (Italy and Romania) and Data Engineering (Denmark and Luxembourg) are the technology jobs which have the most employment opportunities for qualified candidates.

The technology-related jobs Brits are most interested in

Prolifics Testing found that Brits are most interested in data analyst jobs, with an average of 7,900 online searches per month.

Web developer roles generate the second greatest amount of interest, with 2,800 online queries each month.

Both software developer (2,600) and data scientist (2,100) jobs accumulate more than 2,000 online searches a month.

On the other end, network administrator jobs gain just 100 online searches per month, making it the least popular.

The programming languages Brits are most interested in learning

Undoubtedly, many of the technology-related jobs will require knowledge of at least one specific programming language.

Prolifics Testing found that Brits are most focused on learning python, with an astonishing 18,400 online searches for it each month.

SQL (5,250 online searches) is the next most popular programming language that individuals are trying to become proficient at.

Java (4,700) and JavaScript (4,160) are each receiving over 4,000 online searches each from those keen to gain further knowledge on them.

On the other end, R (1,200), CSS (1,570) and HTML (2,150) are among the programming languages that Brits have less interest in learning.

Top three tips for getting a job in technology (even with little experience)

Get networking

Those working in technology are a close-knit community, so it makes networking very important. Make the effort to find and attend as many technology/IT-related conferences as possible. Likewise, reach out to established influencers, potential mentors and prospective employers on platforms such as Linkedin to not only showcase your skills but ask thought-out questions.

Diversify skill set

Proficient in one coding language? Then push yourself to learn another one through online courses. Additionally, knowing the fundamentals of aspects such as SEO and photo and video editing will complement your programming skills, especially during websites development.

Building a portfolio of work

Don’t just talk about what you know. Gain a competitive advantage by having a portfolio of work that you can showcase. This may involve contributing to open source projects or building your own project. It does not have to be a complicated project, it could just be a free and simple mini-app. Likewise, take on one-off freelancer jobs which are a great way to get your foot in the door and enhance your professional as well as interpersonal skills.


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