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Spurse launches social reward platform

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Spurse, a new platform letting users to share cashback rewards on social media, has gone live.

Spurse launches social reward platform

Launched at the Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo 2020, spurse team closed the company’s presentation with the launch of the new Social Reward Platform.

The product offers a unique cashback program where anyone, no matter their location or financial background, can participate.

The spurse platform is a social media app where users can add friends, family, and influencers with whom they want to share their cashback. Every time the user makes a purchase at one of Spurse’s partner shops or retailers, the algorithm automatically distributes cashback to the user and their friends. In addition, users can select a charity to also receive cashback with every purchase. spurse is the first platform that is boosting monetization through social influence.

“spurse is the most innovative platform we have seen, with the capability to monetize the social influence of any user on everyday purchases from their friends,” said Ismail Oyekan, Founder and CEO of IMCX. “I see spurse as the next big thing used by Millennials and social media influencers”

The company recently partnered with Empyr, the leading card-linked engagement platform, and users can get cashback rewards from 2,000 shops and 40,000 retailers in the US, including Wendy’s, Nike, Hulu, Expedia and Starbucks. spurse is proud to have partnered with, Kiwitech and Fenwick & West LLC to drive user experience and expand the product’s capabilities.


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