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YoLove Campaign by Yomost-Friesland Capina Vietnam: Augmented Reality Love Experience

Yomost-Friesland Capina Vietnam's YoLove campaign made a significant impact on Valentine's Day 2014 by introducing the innovative Augmented Reality application, YoLove. With a mission to convey messages of love between individuals, the campaign aimed to inspire people to live every moment to the fullest.

YoLove Campaign Channels

The YoLove campaign utilized various channels to effectively reach its target audience:

Online Video: Captivating videos, such as the "Phút Yêu Đầu – YoMost Valentine 2014," were released on popular platforms like YouTube and zing.mp3, generating widespread attention and engagement.

Mobile Apps: The YoLove mobile application was at the heart of the campaign, available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. By employing Augmented Reality technology, the app brought YoLove greeting cards to life with dynamic effects and heartfelt messages.

Facebook: YoMost Vietnam's Facebook fanpage served as an interactive platform for the campaign, offering regular updates, engaging content, and providing a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Website and Banner Ads: A dedicated campaign website,, served as a central hub for detailed campaign information. Additionally, eye-catching banner ads with captivating "flying" effects were strategically placed on websites frequented by the campaign's target audience.

Online PR: The campaign gained further traction through advertorial articles published in prominent newspapers, amplifying its reach and impact.

YoLove Campaign Execution: The execution of the YoLove campaign involved a meticulous approach across multiple stages:

YoLove Campaign Results

The initial response to the "Phút Yêu Đầu – YoMost Valentine 2014" video was highly positive, accumulating over 219,600 views and 462 likes on YouTube, along with 4,469 likes on the Facebook fanpage. The comprehensive campaign results are yet to be officially updated, showcasing the overall impact and success of the YoLove campaign.

As the YoLove campaign by Yomost-Friesland Capina Vietnam continues to unfold, stay tuned for the final outcome, highlighting its remarkable achievements and the profound emotions it evoked among the audience.


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