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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

In this modern era of technology-driven economy, it is essential to attract visitors to your website, but also providing valuable information on a regular basis is a goal of many entrepreneurs and web-based businesses. Web marketing has evolved to an entirely interactive experience for customers and prospects from the days of websites and e-mail communications. People have tended to feel interested in reading blog posts because web pages containing information or opinions from a particular person or about a particular subject, to which new information is added regularly. Actually, human being tend to be curious of knowing others' opnion and thinking, especially learning from the thought leaders.

Not only Online businesses but also Offline businesses are now learning the value of online presence, establishing a website or blog is a part of this process, and then applying it in the real life of business.

Internet marketing is becoming easier and more efficient with free and low-cost tools readily available, and setting up a blog is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Websites and the Internet have become a place where people turn to find information and products, and hence, your business can benefit from having an established blog and website presence.

After launching a blog, you‘ll need to work on marketing and promotions. Even though you may have extremely valuable information on your sites, it is essential to build traffic which requires many people to visit the site on a regular basis hence making your online business success.

The first step in increasing your sales potential is to build traffic to your business blog. Think about how valuable it would be to have a steady stream of traffic to your website; the more often people are visiting your site and browsing, the higher the chances of making a sale.

You can start to earn revenue from your blog both directly and indirectly; directly from a product purchase or online sale, and indirectly through ad revenue and building up a network of affiliate products.

Some business owners choose to make their blog an extension of their current website, while others create a standalone entity instead.

Whatever you choose to do with yours, it‘s important that you distinguish and identify what the goals of your blog and website are, and how you plan to create something valuable for your target market.

Blogging can be used for a variety of purposes, but when you have a specific goal in mind, the entire process can be much easier, efficient, and more productive.


In 1997, John Barger coined the word blog as a shortened version of web 'log'. Since then, blogs have quickly become an effective journaling method and information-sharing opportunity for dozens of industries.

Independent website owners, small online retailers, mid-sized e-businesses, and even corporations are jumping on board the blog revolution as a new way to reach out to customers.

The set of blogs is similar to that of websites and journalists use it to share information on the web.

Depending on the owners of blogs, a standard template is used or a customized that resembles a website is used but in all, the basic layout is followed and the journal entries style is common. It is filled with pictures, clips, podcast and videos.

Blogs are designed in this simple format so that they can deliver a small and concise piece of information. They are sometimes considered to be online journals, although a business blog is generally not so personalized. Consider them to be snapshots of information, providing updates, news or insights on such topics.

It is effective and efficient for an online business with an online presence since it provides visitors the desire point of view.

There are key elements that make blogs stand apart; each segment is designed for simple navigation and easy reading. The elements are;

1. Date of entries,

2. Blog entries,

3. Permalink,

4. Archives,

5. RSS Syndication modules,

6. XMl icons,

7. Calendars,

8. Timestamps, and

9. Blogrolls.

Every day has its blog entry that is the piece of content and states the time that it was published for readers to know. The title draws the readers and is followed by an excerpt or the entire post hence leading to further reading.

There are multiple links always added to tags or keywords within the blog entries. The reader accesses the additional information or another entry blog through this links.

The entry date is hyperlinked to the website calendar and is accessed as an archived collection of your blog entries.

Permalink can be bookmarked in one step since it is the blogs permanent link. It is possible to link a site with another through the use of permalink.

On the bottom of the blog or sidebar, the Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are found and they help to syndicate the content. It means that information can be sent to the web aggregator hence people use content aggregator or newsreader to read the information. Readers can use their preferred delivery and format to get your information.

It will ensure that whenever you publish new content on your blog the readers can get an alert after they subscribe to the RSS feed.

The important part of maintaining a steady record of the entries in your website is called archives section since it makes it easy for readers to catch. It also indicates the number of times it is updated since the blog readers are looking for relevant and timely content daily; hence, it is necessary to build up, and archive that creates continuous readership and interest.

Traffic from other sites to yours is help by the use of blogrolls. It is important when it is listed on the other blogs blogroll. To get listed on another person's blog is by request and letting them know that their site is on your blog too.

Reason Businesses are Turning Blogging

Blogs are used by many businesses to keep track of events or news while in other companies journals maintained by corporations’ authors are used to updating visitors on the currents issues.

Some other blogs highlight particular advertising campaign or product launch.

Before publishing your blog, it is essential to set the overall goal and tone because this will help generate traffic to your blog. Blogs always offer a tone and conversational style in their delivery, and the type of presentation you choose to adopt will depend on those people you are trying to reach and your business.

You may start to hire somebody to be updating the public on the current issues going on in your company, or you may share articles, insights or recommendation as your companies’ expert. It can be an extension containing press news on your website.

It will be easy to carve what your business may need if you understand the flexibility and potential of your blog. The following are business benefits of blogging:

-It is an easy and cheap way to communicate without redesign or reorganizing your current website with your customers.

-A product or new brand campaign can be launched here since it is an inexpensive.

-Your readers and subscribers can get updated on real time news in this simple way.

-A larger target audience gets the articles, information and content on the individual expertise you are sharing or the knowledge of how to start publishing with software required.

It takes a time to gain a large audience on your blog, and a good search engine is critical to your blog's success. The most basic blog can do the promotion, marketing, public relations and advertising.

A business can be helped by a blog do the following things; answer frequently asked questions, start a photo showcase, share new information on product releases, share media files, audio, and video content, It can be a valuable resource for employees, and provide feedback on customer suggestions.

When you are setting up a blog, it is possible to do it on the server or company intranet to share a newsletter, provide employees with resources, set up weekly posts on a particular topic and tools they need as part of the company. An informal and easy way to navigate any department may construct one on their own, and any platform on the web is through your blog. Visiting a blog is a multimedia experience embedded on the onset by podcasts, audio files, and videos.

Blogs can create the Traffic and a strong community; this will lead to thousands of dollars in marketing expenses provided by the traditional direct mail and generated traffic from search engines.

The biggest benefit of blogging that helps in the capture of market share is built by a business blog with a strong community of readers who make it more credible.

It will help you capture the attention of interested prospects and customer base in an innovative way. Newsletters and feeds are subscribed to by many blog readers; hence, you can eliminate the cost of soliciting for clients.

Thanks and best regards

Ryan Holmes


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