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Virtual private networks increase by 48% amid Covid-19 crisis

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

As the coronavirus crisis has intensified, most businesses have commendably followed government advice to enable their employees to work from home. NordVPN Teams has discovered this mass shift in work location has caused a huge surge in the use of business virtual private networks (VPN).

Virtual private networks increase by 48% amid Covid-19 crisis

Key findings since Wednesday 11th March 2020:

  • The UK has experienced a 48.1% growth in the use of business VPNs

  • Working hours have increased by an average of two hours per day – from 9 to 11 hours

  • Interestingly, mass remote working has contributed towards a significant rise in desktop (42.66%) and mobile app (20.44%) usage among Brits

  • Globally, NordVPN teams has seen as astonishing 165% spike in the use of business VPNs and overall sales have almost increased by 600%

A business VPN is a network of computers that are virtually linked together to enable those granted access the ability to securely send as well as receive files, data and applications from anywhere possible.

Since Wednesday 11th March 2020, the UK has experienced a 48.1% growth in the use of business VPNs. With NordVPN

Nord VPN Teams sales in the country growing by 400%, it suggests that this trend is set to continue in the UK.

Amazingly, business VPN usage in Netherlands (240.49%), Canada (206.29%) and Austria (207.86%) has skyrocketed beyond 200%. Opposingly, Italy has had the most modest growth in business VPN usage at just 10.57%.

The working hours in the UK alongside France, Spain and Canada have on average increased by two hours per a day.

In countries such as Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria – daily working hours have risen by an average of one hour.

It is the US which has seen the biggest time extension of the normal working day – adding an extra three hours.

Mass remote working in the UK has contributed towards an increase in the use of both desktops (42.66%) and mobile apps (20.44%).

Notably, desktop usage in Austria has grown the most, at a colossal 161.15%. Whilst mobile app usage in Netherlands has soared to 44.09%.

Surprisingly, Belgium has seen a 16.67% decline in mobile apps usage, though desktop usage has flourished by 96.63%.

Source : Nord VPN 


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