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Viral of the year: iZettle takes on Amazon with ‘Blade Runner’ style Sci-Fi dystopia

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This ad from iZettle, who make cheap and accessible card readers, is equal parts Black Mirror and Blade Runner (with some pretty clear homages to the latter). The ad posits a world where one giant corporation has taken over all commerce.

In a sweeping, cinematic short film, Swedish financial technology firm iZettle offers a beautifully dark vision of the modern world. The promise of capitalism has been corrupted by the powerful, and underdogs resort to violence in the streets.

Stockholm creative agency Edelman Deportivo presents iZettle as an antidote to impersonal automation, the champion for little baker Billie in her fight against Giant Corp., an obvious analog for Amazon.

The two-minute spot was directed by Sao Paulo duo Alaska and produced by Iconoclast.

The film is a compelling reverie and marks the first appearance of the firm’s new brand concept “For the Selfmade.”

The campaign also includes a searchable database of small businesses linked to Google Maps. It rolled out first in Stockholm before expanding to the rest of Sweden and internationally.


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