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VidMob launches new tool for brands to boost performance of ad creative

VidMob launches new tool for brands to boost performance of ad creative

VidMob has launched Brand Governance, a new capability designed for digital marketers to gain visibility and control over their brand creative at scale, and improve the overall performance of their creative.

The solution combines AI-powered creative auditing technology, creative scoring and media performance analytics to help marketers understand how visual elements in ads influence business results.

Brand Governance enables marketers to monitor adherence to brand mandatories and media platform best practices —plus get recommendations and efficient production support to address non-compliant creative. Unlike other brand compliance software, VidMob Brand Governance goes beyond basic monitoring and scoring of creative assets, by enabling digital teams and marketers to improve the overall performance of their creative and multiply brand impact.

Brand Governance eliminates the natural tension between performance marketing objectives and brand building by giving all stakeholders visibility into real-time creative metrics and customized best practices. As the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, marketers face mounting pressure to produce more content at faster speeds making it harder for digital marketers to ensure brand consistency, integrity and relevance. Brand Governance bridges data and design to make the creative process measurable and transparent. It gives leaders an at-a-glance view of what creative is produced by platform, how a brand is expressed by region, and if best practices are being adhered to by ad format. Marketers benefit from pre-flight analysis and mid-campaign optimization so they can maximize creative impact.

“This is an exciting solution for managing brand assets. It has the ability to monitor necessary brand elements at omnichannel scale, as well as bring insight into how ad performance is affected by brand requirements,” says Marco Frade – Head of Media, Digital & CRM At Diageo.

“As privacy rules make it more difficult to target audiences, the future of advertising lies in the power of creative. This new frontier of advertising performance is empowering marketers to understand how creative choices drive business results. With Brand Governance, global brands can improve the effectiveness of their advertising while they also control their message at a nearly universal scale,” said Alex Collmer, founder and CEO at VidMob.


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