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Valentine’s shopping trends: Tech gifts overtaking flowers?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This Monday will bear witness to the peak pre-Valentine’s Day rush for online shoppers in the UK, as they look to snap up last minute gifts for their loved ones in time for delivery – from top of the range tech to indoor greenery.

Valentine’s shopping trends: Tech gifts overtaking flowers?

That’s according to new insights from eBay Advertising, which saw a 20% spike in searches for ‘Valentine’s’ on its UK site on 10th February last year, compared to the previous day.

And, while many traditional gifting trends still hold true, eBay’s insights reveal that new technologies are winning the hearts and minds of Valentine’s shoppers. The rise in searches for ‘Valentine’s’ in the Mobile Phones & Communication category on outstripped the Jewellery & Watches category on 10th February last year, jumping 34% and 20% respectively overnight.

Key findings:

  • saw a 20% spike in searches for ‘Valentine’s’ on 10th February 2019, compared to the day before

  • ‘Romantech’ gifts are on the rise – for example searches for ‘smart speaker’ rose 73% on this day compared to the day before

  • Personalised gifts continue to be a hit – with searches for ‘photo frame’ rising 26% and ‘personalised’ rising 19% during this same timeframe

Meanwhile, searches for truly romantech gifts – technology bought with romantic intentions – such as ‘Fitbit’ and ‘Go Pro’ grew 18% and 23%, while searches for ‘smart speaker’ rose 73%, compared to the previous day. Searches for the ‘Dyson supersonic hairdryer’ also jumped 33% during this timeframe.

That being said, many shoppers are still looking for Valentine’s gifts with a human touch. On this same day, saw a 26% uplift in searches for ‘photo frame’, and a 19% rise in searches for ‘personalised’ and ‘candle’.

Mike Klinkhammer, Director of Advertising Sales EU at eBay, said: “While many people think of Valentine’s Day as a time for chocolates and flowers, our data suggests that’s not necessarily always the case. Now that technology is an integral part of many top-of-the range products – from hairdryers to cameras and watches – what’s considered to be a romantic gift is changing. As mindsets evolve, it’s imperative for brands to use insights to understand trends and adapt their campaigns accordingly, to ensure they’re being as smart as possible with their spend. And, with shoppers out in force until the last possible moment, brands have a brilliant opportunity to connect with consumers throughout their shopper journey, from inspiration through to last-minute purchases.

These new insights from eBay also reveal a shift from pink to green, as gifters tap into the growing trend for indoor verdure and decor. On 10th February 2019, searches on for ‘plants’ and ‘hanging planters’ shot up 22% and 40% overnight, while the Home, Furniture & DIY category saw a 19% boost in Valentine’s-related searches.


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