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True Fit partners Google Cloud to host ‘world’s largest data set for fashion’

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

True Fit, has struck a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to boost its clothing and footwear personalisation platform for clients.

True Fit partners Google Cloud to host 'world’s largest data set for fashion'

By partnering with Google Cloud, True Fit is able to use big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) that takes consumers personal preferences and shopper habits into account, to provide the enhanced shopping experience.

With True Fit on Google Cloud, the improved processing power, speed, and reliability results in faster machine learning for improved shopper experiences, relevance, and insights.

Retailers that use True Fit’s platform on Google Cloud’s infrastructure drive incremental revenue, reduce returns and increase customer lifetime value and loyalty.

“Data can either be a retailer’s biggest challenge or biggest gift,” said Carrie Tharp, Vice President, Retail at Google Cloud. “We’re thrilled to partner with True Fit and further help retailers harness the power of data to build better, more personalised shopping experiences that ultimately drive sales and build a more loyal customer base.”

“We believe in a diverse retail future that closely connects retailers to their consumers. We’re thrilled to partner Google Cloud not only for performance, speed, and reliability, but also because our two companies have shared values for providing retailers white glove service, as well as shared vision and incentives to help create a thriving, competitive, and connected retail ecosystem that inspires consumers,” said Romney Evans, True Fit’s Co-founder and Chief Product and Marketing Officer.


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