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Top 36 UK sonic logos: Just Eat, Go Compare and Moonpig among most popular jingles

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Top 36 UK sonic logos: Just Eat, Go Compare and Moonpig among most popular jingles

Just Eat has the UK’s favourite sonic logo, followed by, GoCompare, Moonpig and Pearl & Dean, according to new research.

The new SoundOut Index, which lists the UK’s Top 36 of these brief sound sequences used by organisations to create strong brand connections.

This is the most exhaustive study of sonic brands to date by the world leader in strategic sonic branding and audio marketing testing. SoundOut works with many of the most iconic brands in the world including Amazon, eBay, Toyota and DHL.

Key findings:

  • 10 different sectors in UK Top 10 compared to movie industry dominance of US Top 10

  • UK consumers relate to ‘Jester’ archetype – 9 of the Top 10 logos have Jester as primary or secondary brand archetype

  • Proves sonic logos that include the brand name are twice as effective at cementing brand association than those that do not

Unlike the US, where three of the top four logos are all big players in the movie industry – the UK Top 10 is made up of 10 different sectors, including:

  1. Just eat


  3. GoCompare

  4. Moonpig

  5. Pearl & Dean

The Index, which contains overall rankings of the top 36 UK sonic logos, was created by SoundOut, the world leader in sonic brand testing. SoundOut has tested the key components that combine to create truly iconic sonic brands, based on responses from over 30,000 consumers and covering over 10 million data points.

The analysis uncovered some interesting takeaways for brands looking to make a powerful emotional connection with their customers and increase their propensity to buy. These include:

• Appeal is really important. People must like your sonic logo. The correlation between the appeal of a logo and the overall strength of emotion a logo is capable of delivering is over 80%.

• Distinctiveness alone has minimal impact in driving recall.

• Sonic logos that include the brand name are twice as effective at cementing brand association than those that do not. Four of the UK Top 5 sonic logos include the name.

• UK consumers seem to relate strongly to sonic logos that include the Jester brand archetype. Nine of the Top 10 logos have Jester as a primary or secondary brand archetype. This is very different to the US Top 10 where ‘companion’ is the dominant archetype, appearing in six out of 10 logos.

David Courtier-Dutton, founder and CEO of SoundOut, said: “While more and more brands have been investing in sonic branding as the power of music’s impact on the subconscious becomes better understood, there has been little objective analysis and measurement of the effectiveness of sonic logos. The SoundOut Index changes that. We are proud to be the first to establish which sonic logos have built a powerful emotional connection with consumers.”

Commenting on the significance of the SoundOut Index, Paul Coxhill, managing director at WARC, said: “In an increasingly digital audio world, where audio channels such as music streaming services and podcasting are growing, a sonic identity is increasingly important. The SoundOut Index creates a useful new lens on this previously under-documented topic.”

The detailed report that supports the Index runs to 50 pages. It will be followed by three further in-depth reports to be released in the coming weeks. These reports will explore the results in greater detail for the three elements that were measured to identify the positions on the Index: sonic effectiveness, sonic personality and market penetration. The SoundOut Index for the US is also released today.

If you want to understand what elements go into making a great sonic brand and which brands are nailing it (and why) you can download a copy of the report here (registration required).


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