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Top 100 trends on Pinterest

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Pinterest launched has launched its Pinterest 100 list, an annual list of emerging trends across 10 categories including food, style, beauty, travel and home decor.

Each year, our data insights team analyses search patterns for the past year to find each trend. This extensive report offers businesses a sneak peek at what research shows people around the world will want in the year ahead.

Over 250 million people come to Pinterest each month to plan their lives, from everyday ideas such as what to cook for dinner, what to wear for an interview to personal milestones such as moving into a new home or welcoming their first child. More than 175 billion ideas have been saved to 3 billion boards to-date on the platform, allowing us to get early signals into consumer behaviour and changing tastes.

The Pinterest 100 is an efficient tool to help businesses plan marketing, merchandising and product development or find new ways to connect with their audience. The previous P100 reports led to successful initiatives based on our insights, such as Michaels Stores, one of the largest arts and crafts retailers in the US, who created a Make It Kit to help consumers discover and try last year’s shibori cloth trend. Another example is how Hewlett Packard noticed — thanks to the Pinterest 100 — that printable artwork was trending on Pinterest, and decided to created Pins with free, printable art to reach interested Pinners.

Businesses can also implement in an even easier way Pinterest 100 trends into their Pinterest advertising strategies. Using our expanded interest targeting, powered by the Pinterest Taste Graph (our core dataset built on the world’s largest collection of human-curated links), businesses have access to targeting recommendations based on each trend.

You can find this year’s hero trends below and the complete 100 trends on the Pinterest business blog.


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