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TikTok launches football content on platform during EURO 2020

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

With the EURO 2020 tournament kicking off last week, TikTok has ramped up their social marketing activity surrounding the competition.

TikTok launches football content on platform during EURO 2020

The social media platform has worked with strategic and creative partner, VaynerMedia London, in a bid to tap into football audiences and broaden the appeal of the platform beyond its core user base.

This activity is being driven through their latest campaign ‘Where Fans Play’ to deliver relevant, impactful and real-time content across the social ecosystem during the event.

‘Where Fans Play’ applies a real-time marketing approach that provides an ongoing daily drumbeat of content, fusing together football and TikTok’s community culture. This is brought to life through both reactive and proactive content that dives into football culture as it happens, coupled with the creation of football-relevant content using UEFA intellectual property.

In a bid to create culturally relevant storytelling opportunities that connect TikTok to football in an authentic way, TikTok and VaynerMedia will capture real-time moments during the tournament to use the following day. The team will analyse data, conversations and engagement in real-time to ensure that the match footage is relevant to the core EUROs audience, whilst remaining true to TikTok’s mission of spreading joy and creativity to the world.

The approach aims to increase association with football culture and its vast online community to shift perceptions of the app. By demonstrating content relevancy across all its EURO 2020 content, TikTok is able to surprise and recruit non-users with free trials of the platform via external social media platforms.

“We are thrilled to once again work with TikTok on a project and campaign of this scale, importance and interest. EURO 2020 is the perfect place for TikTok to leverage their influence in football culture and capture new audiences. It symbolises so much more than just a football tournament – it is a symbol of hope and we’re so pleased to be able to play a role alongside TikTok in bringing people together in a safe way during this time, as we build an ever-growing community online,” says Sarah Baumann, Managing Director, VaynerMedia London.

“Football is a game measured in the incredible moments on the pitch and the amazing fan reaction to them, so our approach with Vayner has been to really live in this truth through a special real-time marketing model. Before, during and after the game, we bring the best of TikTok to football audiences outside of the app through responsive social media content – designed from the point of view of the fan. By living in this culture and showing our relevance to it, we hope to bring more fans into our ecosystem where they can get even more football entertainment from our creators and community,” says Dan Bulteel, Global Head of Social Media Marketing, TikTok.


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