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Sunhouse - Breaking All Limits

Discover the remarkable success story of SUNHOUSE and its campaign "Breaking All Limits." As the summer heat intensifies, consumers seek reliable cooling devices. SUNHOUSE took on the challenge and introduced a new trend, revolutionizing the market with its innovative air coolers. This article delves into the campaign's objectives, strategies, creative ideas, execution, and the impressive results achieved in the summer of 2016.


With a strong foothold in the household, electrical appliances, and kitchen equipment market, SUNHOUSE aimed to provide breakthrough solutions for caring, convenience, and better health in every Vietnamese household. Addressing consumer concerns over high electricity costs and limitations of traditional cooling products, SUNHOUSE presented a compelling message with three core benefits: ensured health, reduced costs, and refreshing open spaces.


  • Establish a strong connection between the SUNHOUSE brand and Vietnamese consumers.

  • Convey gratitude to 16 million families for their trust in SUNHOUSE products.

  • Launch new products for the summer of 2016 and drive sales in the second quarter.


The scorching summer sun often brings worries about power shortages, increased expenses, and uncomfortable living conditions.


The communication strategy aimed to alleviate customer concerns by addressing:

  • Health: Tackling the respiratory health risks associated with cold, humid environments.

  • High Costs: Highlighting a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional air conditioners.

  • Limitations of Other Products: Showcasing how SUNHOUSE air coolers can effectively cool open spaces, benefiting the health of the elderly and young children.

Creative Idea

SUNHOUSE Air Cooler - Breaking All Limits
  • Temperature Challenge: The product reduces temperatures by up to 15 degrees, surpassing the limitations of traditional fans or misting systems, which only provide immediate cooling without lowering the overall temperature.

  • Electricity Cost Challenge: With a 10-times reduction in energy consumption compared to air conditioners, SUNHOUSE addressed concerns about energy shortages and soaring electricity bills during the summer.

  • Space Challenge: The air coolers effectively cool open spaces, creating a comfortable environment and offering benefits that conventional cooling products cannot provide.


The campaign was executed through various channels, including:

Digital Media: Leveraging platforms like vnexpress, 24h, genk, and Tinh tế to create awareness and generate interest.

PR: Engaging with popular media outlets, such as vnexpress, 24h, and genk, to amplify the campaign's reach.

Event: Organizing the "Breaking All Limits" event at Da Nang beach, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants. The event generated inspiring content and live-streamed videos on platforms like Facebook.

Consumer Promotion: A one-day exclusive promotion garnered participation from over 20 major e-commerce partners, including Lazada, adayroi, and Lingo, driving further interest and sales.


The "SUNHOUSE Air Cooler - Breaking All Limits" campaign left a lasting impression, with notable achievements:

  • Over 1 million live event viewers during the SUNHOUSE Air Cooler event at Da Nang beach.

  • More than 3 million individuals expressed interest in the new air cooler product, visiting the dedicated website.

  • Sales skyrocketed, with over 30,000 customers purchasing SUNHOUSE products from nationwide supermarkets, retailers, and stores within just one month of the campaign's launch.

  • The campaign successfully inspired millions of consumers during the summer of 2016, revolutionizing communication methods and establishing SUNHOUSE as the leading brand in providing convenient household products in Vietnam.


The SUNHOUSE "Breaking All Limits" campaign exemplified innovation, addressing consumer concerns, and achieving exceptional results. By challenging conventional norms, SUNHOUSE became a trailblazer in the home appliances industry, setting new standards and securing its position as the top choice for Vietnamese households.


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