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Post-it app partners with Miro to help teams share ideas online

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The traditional whiteboard brainstorm has gone virtual and a lot more engaging, thanks to a new collaboration between the Post-it App from 3M and Miro.

Post-it app partners with Miro to help teams share ideas online

The Post-it App integration with Miro provides a digital collaboration experience for users around the world, allowing teams to co-create on an infinite canvas. The Post-it App links people wherever they work, helping colleagues create, capture and share Post-it® Notes at the speed of inspiration. The new partnership with Miro now lets teams take their Post-it® Notes one step further by easily exporting them into the platform to begin co-creating on an infinite canvas and keep project momentum going.

“Working together, even when apart, is made a lot easier with the Post-it® App, providing a seamless way for millions of users to digitally capture physical notes and share with teams without delays,” said Heather Green, Global Portfolio Director, Post-it® Brand. “With the new integration with Miro, teams can extend the possibilities of remote collaboration to grow and achieve their ideas from start to finish.”

Miro’s platform offers Post-it App users the ability to edit and expand on their notes then collaborate in real time with others in a variety of ways including comments, emojis and tags.

Notes in Miro are organized, searchable and can be transformed into shapes, tasks or texts in other documents allowing team members to build on each other’s ideas and keep project momentum going.

“Post-it Notes have always been a key component in how people across a variety of industries create, connect, and come up with ideas, but the rise of remote and the shift to hybrid work environments has posed new challenges for teams,” said Kevin Chung, Head of Partnerships at Miro. “This integration is an exciting opportunity to empower people to think beyond work, home office, whiteboards, and walls. It bridges the gap between in-office and online by letting teams collaborate no matter where they may be located.”


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