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Popchips launches ‘positivity challenge’ podcast ads with Acast and Starcom

Updated: Apr 17

Popchips launches 'positivity challenge' podcast ads with Acast and Starcom

Starcom has struck a new partnership for snack brand, popchips, in partnership with global podcast company, Acast.

The snack, owned by KP Snacks, has launched a ‘positivity challenge’ to encourage consumers to be more positive in their daily lives and to raise awareness of popchips as the go to choice of snack.

The campaign will run across five different podcasts; Jamie Laing and Francis Boule’s ‘Private Parts’, Romesh Ranganathan’s ‘Hip Hop Saved my Life’, Katherine Ryan’s ‘Telling Everybody Everything’, ‘Off Menu’ and ‘Shagged, Married, Annoyed’.

The partnership with Acast and their Acast Creative ad solutions team, will feature three elements targeting young adults: audio ads – including a binaural 3D ad, – sponsored reads and branded segments. The 3-5-minute branded segments – a first for popchips – will be placed within the podcasts promoting steps listeners can take to inject a pop of positivity into their lives. On the Private Parts podcast, Francis and Jamie will be setting each other positivity tasks for the month, while Katherine and Romesh will feature on each other’s podcasts – a media first cross-podcast branded segment execution – to set their goals for one another.

The 60’’ to 90’’ sponsored reads will run in-show with the popchips-themed ads directing listeners to go out and try popchips. All the podcasts featured in the campaign are exclusive to the Acast Marketplace.

Zoe Cashin-Howe, Feel Good Snacking Marketing Controller, KP Snacks, said: “Following some great media campaigns for the likes of our other brands (KP Nuts and McCoy’s Muchos), we are excited to be launching this audio campaign for popchips. Branded podcasts are a great way to engage this millennial audience and it’s the first time we’re getting the podcast hosts to talk about the product integrated as part of the show, rather than just a separate ad. We feel this will deliver a much more nuanced product promotion for the listener.”

Danny Weitzkorn, Business Director, Starcom UK, said: “Audio has been crucial to our media strategy for popchips, not only to maintain relevance but also to increase engagement. We’ve involved a select number of the nation’s favourite comedians to communicate this messaging in personalised reads that we know will resonate well with popchips’ target audience and will feel in-keeping with the style and tone of the podcasts.”

With some campaign teasers having run already, including the 3D binaural ad, popchips audio ads and Romesh’s Sponsored Read which went live on 22nd March, listeners have already been introduced to the brand. We shall see the full campaign launching today, which will run until 1st August.


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