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Pinterest reaches 400 million monthly active users

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Pinterest announced that more than 400 million people around the world now come to the platform every month to find inspiration with Gen Z, men and Millennials driving much of its new user growth.

Pinterest has long been known as a destination for women to plan their weddings or look for recipes, but new Pinterest data shows a much more expansive and diverse audience that uses the platform for a range of topics.

People use Pinterest across languages, locations and interests, and one thing remains constant that the company is most proud of: Pinterest makes users feel happy and positive.

The stats indicate that Pinterest users are 20% more likely than the rest of the population to have mental and emotional wellbeing top of mind during COVID-19.

As people come to the platform to stay inspired while staying inside, Pinterest has been hitting all-time highs in global engagement since the beginning of 2020 with searches up more than 60% year over year and saves up around 40% year over year.

With 18 million monthly unique visitors in the UK, according to ComScore, Pinterest’s audience continues to grow as more people than ever turn to the platform for inspiration and positivity. Learn more about how Gen Z, men and Millennials are using Pinterest to stay inspired here and on the.

  • Generation Z is using Pinterest for future growth and social good: Gen Z usage has increased 50% year on year.

  • Gen Z Pinterest users aren’t just thinking about their own futures—they’re looking for ideas about social issues and inspiring movements. Among Gen Z, searches for ‘gender equality’ increased 5x, ‘mental health check in’ increased by 5x and ‘body positive’ ideas increased by 9x.

  • They’re also looking for planning tools like ‘manifestation journal’ (up 19x) and ‘life skills’ (up 5x).

  • Meet the Post-COVID man: Men make up Pinterest’s second-fastest growing audience in Q2, increasing more than 48% year over year.

  • During quarantine, men turned to Pinterest for at-home ideas—from kitchen decoration to bread baking. They are looking for kitchen improvement ideas like ‘modular kitchen’ (up 12x) and ‘kitchen storage solutions’ (up 7x). They have demonstrated their interest in baking and cooking, searching for ‘one pan dinners’ (up 2x) and ‘artisan bread recipes’ (up 5.5x).

  • And, they are updating their appearance with searches for ‘70’s inspired fashion’ (up 6x) and ‘healthy skincare’ (up 9x).

  • Millennials are using Pinterest to adjust to their “new normal”: Millennial usage is up 36% since this time last year.

During quarantine, they are using Pinterest to help them be teachers, parents and other essential roles around the home. Millennials are using Pinterest to make their homes more family-friendly, searching for ‘family house plans’ (up 10x) and shopping for unique ideas for spaces like ‘garden seating area’ (up 34x).


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