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Ozone Project launches ‘Attention Index’ to measure campaigns

Ozone Project launches ‘Attention Index’ to measure campaigns

Digital ad platform The Ozone Project has launched a bespoke measure of advertising engagement that will become a constant feature in all its campaign reporting.

Created in-house, the Ozone Attention Index has launched following consultation with almost 100 media leaders and practitioners on the validity and usefulness of different metrics.

Using the most desired signals from digital advertising performance, and weighting these accordingly, Ozone has created an attention-based benchmark for success.

This will feature in addition to clients’ own campaign KPIs.

The model behind the Ozone Attention Index combines a number of weighted metrics that are deemed important to both advertisers and publishers in measuring engagement in premium environments.

These measures include Active View (the amount of time the user was on the page with a window in-focus), Scroll Rate (the percentage of impressions where the user scrolled), Screen Real Estate (the average percentage of pixels that the ad fills on the user’s screen), and Interaction or Touch Rate (when a user actively enters the frame of the ad). A number of other hygiene measures will be factored into individual campaign indices, with Ozone’s Client Services team continually reviewing these in consultation with agencies and advertisers on completion of campaigns.

Using historical data, Ozone has found a positive link between higher scores for the Ozone Attention Index and higher shifts in brand lift as independently measured by Brand Metrics. Building a deeper understanding of this correlation through live campaigns – as well as the link with other client success measures – will be a key focus for the Ozone Attention Index moving forward.

Craig Tuck, Chief Revenue Officer at The Ozone Project said, “Since Ozone’s inception we have talked proudly about the proven power of premium online environments in helping capture attention for advertisers. That is why we are very excited to be launching this initiative at a time when attention is firmly in the spotlight.

While we are very supportive of the huge amount of industry thinking going into cross-media attention currencies and measurements, we believe that this index represents a live and actionable first step towards optimising digital advertising against indicative measures of greater consumer engagement. Needless to say we will continue to work with our clients to test, refine and iterate our model to ensure it consistently adds value – alongside their other KPIs – to their campaigns’ success.”


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