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Narvar works with ASICS to boost ‘post purchase experience’

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Sportswear brand ASICS is working with customer engagement platform Narvar, using its post purchase technology to boost customer retention.

Using Narvar’s Ship & Track solution, ASICS customers in eleven European markets will now be able to engage with the brand in eight different languages.

These customers will all receive delivery predictions before they hit the buy button, and proactive tracking notifications after purchases so they don’t need to ask: ‘Where is my order?’. ASICS will also implement Narvar’s Return solution to streamline its returns processes for customers.

Anthony Gavin, EMEA Director, Narvar said: “Great brand experiences establish and build loyalty. 80% of consumers are more likely to repeat purchase from a brand or retailer which proactively communicates with them about delivery statuses[1]. With many brands competing in the same retail space, the real winners will be those which focus on customer lifetime value and retention.

Taking steps to acknowledge and service customers’ post-purchase needs is key to turning one-off sales into repeat custom. We’re delighted to be working with ASICS to help it deliver premium post-purchase experiences which will keep its customers racing back for more!”

Rick Hoving, Website Operation Manager, ASICS EMEA said: “Through implementing Narvar’s post-purchase technologies, ASICS is excited to now provide its European eCommerce customers with a more premium shopping and tracking experience after they’ve hit the buy button. We’ve boosted our service levels and can communicate with customers more regularly and far more effectively. We’ve seen brand loyalty soar in North America after using Narvar’s solutions, so we wanted to bring the same experience to our customers in Europe.”


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