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Marketing Application in Crypto Investment - Shiba Inu

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

In May 2021, Dogecoin reached its all-time high of 0.5811 USD, largely due to the promotion by Elon Musk. Displeased with Musk, I sought to find a similar meme coin to compete with Dogecoin. After research, I identified Shiba Inu as a potential competitor. On 11th May 2021, Shiba Inu reached its all-time high of 0.00003469 USD. Drawing from my decade of experience in marketing and business, I believed that the challenger, Shiba Inu, would attract attention and generate FOMO.

Today, I decided to invest 500$ in #ShibaInu #Shib at the price of 0,0000081$, let's see how it will perform in the next wave! I will hodle it at least one year from now, until Elon Musk doesn't talk about #Doge anymore!

Best regards

Ryan Holmes

Cryptocurrency Investment Diary, 24th May 2021.


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