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Jazz music streaming service picks 7digital as streaming platform

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

A new streaming service catering specifically to jazz fans, called ‘jazzed’, has been launched, and has selected British B2B music-tech company 7digital as its preferred music platform.

Jazz music streaming service picks 7digital as streaming platform

Jazzed is an audio-visual app dedicated to all things Jazz music, and will bring a new subscription streaming service offering to a traditionally underserved audience.

Using jazzed’s singular capabilities in design and editorial, the app will offer users a highly curated experience, disrupting the current broad-based music service model.

The service will use 7digital’s API & platform access, playlist tools and catalogue management to provide jazz music from 7digital’s extensive catalogue to fans via a subscription service.

jazzed offers an ad-funded freemium version featuring 10 hand-curated audio channels and a selection of video content, a £5.99 subscription-based tier with over 40+ channels and exclusive video content.

A premium subscription tier featuring on-demand access to over 5 million music tracks in HD lossless audio is planned for later this year. The service will be available both on mobile and desktop.

Paul Langworthy, Chief Executive Officer of 7digital, said: “The way people engage with music is changing rapidly. In order to capture the significant future growth in the streaming market, the all-you-can-eat subscription model will be supplemented by more targeted, premium services. jazzed is a perfect example of how 7digital makes it possible for these services to create new compelling music experiences for underserved audiences. It is testament to the versatility of our technology and breadth of our music catalogue, which is enabling 7digital to power the next generation of streaming services. We are incredibly excited to be working with the jazzed team on their fantastic new music product.”

Frank Taubert, Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder of jazzed said: “jazzed is going to change perceptions around jazz, as the first audio-visual streaming subscription service focusing on the genre. jazzed is marrying the innovativeness of the genre with an innovative digital experience. Being able to rely on 7digital to manage the back-end technical infrastructure and having access to their extensive music catalogue allows us to focus on making the service itself something exciting for Jazz fans old and new”


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