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Ikea transforms catalogue into 4-hour podcast

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

IKEA has turned its 2021 print catalogue into a podcast as a tribute to its last ever print production.

Ikea transforms catalogue into 4-hour podcast

Creating 13 chapters of sound bites for its consumers, the catalogue has been uploaded on its YouTube and Spotify platforms, as well as on

IKEA touts its podcast as the number one audio catalogue for stylish design inspiration.

“We know that by now, you’ve probably binged through every possible podcast, audio book, and every ‘Best of 2020′ playlist there is. So maybe you could use some new soothing sounds to put on while we all continue to wait for normal life to get back to… yeah, normal,” the narrator explained in the introduction of the podcast.

The audio catalogue is made for the “master of multi-task”, as consumers can listen while going about their daily activities.

The narrator also described the podcast catalogue as a tour for the listeners’ ears, as it takes listeners through the furnished homes of six different families, then dive into seven helpful how-to sections to guide listeners in their quest for at-home transcendence.

The audio journey will also be peppered with some helpful to-do lists, the narrator added.

The podcast describes the pictures inside its visual catalogue page by page in granular details. It also reads out the captions on the digital book.

IKEA’s 2021 catalogue chapters that lasts 10 to 30 minutes each, and is accompanied with a summary of content that will be covered for every chapter.

Its version on YouTube comes with a simple image that shows the chapter title, and a small gif illustration. IKEA said the audio book is produced as a tribute to the long history of IKEA catalogue, and is said to be filled with great home furnishing inspiration and knowledge in 2021.

IKEA said in December 2020 that it will no longer be printing catalogues after 70 years.

IKEA’s decision to stop publishing its catalogue came as the furniture retailer observed that customer behaviour and media consumption have changed, and fewer people read the IKEA catalogue today than in past years.


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