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How to create your business website?

In order to create your business website, there are many ways or platforms you can use. If you have huge budget, and high requirement, you can hire a website designer, it costs from 100 USD to 1000 USD depending on your requirements. However, to create a website is really not so difficult. I would like to suggest some options as follows.

1. Create your business website by yourself:

Create your business website by yourself is the least expensive solution, it allows you to enhance the activeness and flexibility. You can update and change the interface, design, and information at any time. With such many simple website building software today, even you don't need to know programing language or HTML language, you can still design a website by yourself. You only move the mouse, drag, click, and type the content you want, the HTML tool of the software will edit HTML automatically for you. Building a website with a HTML tool is as simple as using Microsoft Word or Power Point!

Common software: Macromedia Dreamveaver, Microsoft Fontpage.

2. Create your business website by using open source or site-building websites:

With such many website builder platform today, with only 5 minutes, you can create your own website. However, you will depend on the design, templates, and interface from the current list of the service providers.

If you want to use the free platform, you can use Blogger. The weakness of blogger is not having variety of interface or templates.

Other website builder platforms with more templates such as Wordpress, Wix. However, you must to pay to use your own domain.

If you have many options, you can access to mytemplatestorage just RIGHT HERE to buy templates you love. The cost is higher but you will have many attractive templates, support, options, and SEO tools.

3. Create your business website by hiring a website designer:

If you need a website quickly and don't want to spend time on learning how to do it by yourself, you can hire a freelancer. He will create the design for your web, logo and propose relevant color, interface for you. After that, you can add anything you want or create contents by following their guidelines.

You can hire a student to do it. The expense will be much lower than website designing companies. However, you NEED to have a transparent discussion with the freelancer for the terms. Even you hire a IT teacher or professor, sometimes the problems still take place. It mainly depends on the responsibility of each individual.

4. Create your business website by hiring a professional website company

A website designing company will take care all the tasks for you including designing the specific templates for your own, registering the content, creating the content, buying domain and hosting for you. However, this is the final solution because the cost is the highest (over thousand USD depending on your request) and you will be limited in content management, information update for your website in urgent case.

Best regards

Ryan Holmes


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