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Heatwaves inspire Brits to upgrade their homes and gardens (even during lockdown)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Rising temperatures is prompting shoppers to spend demonstrating the need for brands to expect the unexpected, as some shoppers defy expectations and stay indoors.

Heatwaves inspire Brits to upgrade their homes and gardens (even during lockdown)

The research, from eBay Advertising reveal the remarkable influence of warmer weather over shopping habits, as top temperatures across the UK prompt shoppers to spend big.

During record-breaking sunshine this April and as temperatures reached 26°C in the third week of lockdown, the heatwave prompted a boom in interest for outdoor living and DIY items.

During this week, searches for ‘garden and patio furniture’ shot up 196% YoY, while searches for ‘barbecues’ and ‘pressure washers’ increased 256% and 179% respectively. And as Brits looked to add a touch of luxury to their gardens, searches for ‘hot tubs’ surged 784% compared to the same week the previous year.

When Britain recorded its highest ever temperature in July 2019, shoppers rushed to upgrade their homes and gardens. Searches in the Home, Furniture and DIY category on climbed 169% on 25th July, compared to the same day a week before – and searches in the Garden and Patio category rose 42% in the same timeframe. Meanwhile, as Brits looked to celebrate summer in their gardens, searches for paddling pools spiked by an incredible 791% over the same time period, while searches for sun loungers and sand pits soared 141% and 139% respectively.

However, shopping habits can be just as unpredictable as the British weather, highlighting the power of real-time insights to inform ad campaigns. When temperatures soared to 28.8°C on 2nd June 2019, some shoppers rejected the hot weather and retreated indoors, with searches for ‘curtains’ growing 30% compared to a couple of days before, while searches for ‘heaters’ rose by 31%.

Mike Klinkhammer, Director of Ad Sales EU at eBay, said: “When the sun comes out and the heat cranks up, people are inspired to invest in their home and garden – and that will be the case more than ever this summer, as shoppers spend more time at home. Our insights highlight the huge role weather plays in people’s moods and shopping habits, and there’s huge spend to be won by brands that can capitalise on this mood and moment. This is why it’s so important for brands to stay on their toes and harness the latest insights that allow them to ensure their targeting is attuned to shopper interests in the ‘here and now’.”

Ruth Chalisey, Director at MediaCom, added: “We mustn’t forget that weather and human behaviour can be incredibly unpredictable. To stay relevant to the changing weather and shopper mindset, brands need to remain flexible and nimble. By being prepared to flex campaigns, and equipped with real-time data, advertisers have a brilliant opportunity to reach engaged consumers when they’re in the mood to spend, run impactful campaigns and reap the rewards.”


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