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Google launches travel planning tools to tackle pandemic

Google is rolling out new features that will help users to make informed travel choices amidst the Covid-19 restrictions, with data on local COVID-19 case counts and whether hotels offers free cancellations.

New additions include “travel trends” that show what percentage of hotels have availability and flights in operation to that area (using data sourced from prior Google hotel and flight booking). These trends join the existing alerts about whether there’s currently a travel advisory for your destination in Google search.

The tools are available at, offering trendlines for hotel and flight availability. Other necessary information regarding the number of Covid-19 cases in that area is also available.

Google has also introduced driving alerts for details regarding Covid-19 checkpoints and restrictions along the route on Google Maps. Since travellers are looking for accommodation options with flexible cancellation policies, people can search for a hotel or vacation rental on and filter to see rooms/properties with free cancellation policies.

Richard Holden, vice president, Product Management, Travel, Google said: “The uncertainty of Covid-19 makes it hard to navigate travel decisions. We will continue to share the most relevant information so you can make informed decisions and travel safely when the time comes.”

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1 Comment

Tarun Saini
Tarun Saini
Jun 28, 2021

Nice article. Thank you for sharing.

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