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Go Instore launches free consultation service to support retailers during second lockdown and beyond

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Retail technology company Go Instore is launching a free consultation service to help support retailers and advise on how they can make up for their lack of physical footfall with digital footfall while forced store closures are in place.

Go Instore launches free consultation service to support retailers during second lockdown and beyond

The announcement comes as the UK enters a second national lockdown forcing all non-essential stores to close from November 5th, meaning that retailers will be entirely reliant on their online channels to drive sales.

Go Instore’s consultation service will offer insight into how implementing live-video solutions can help retail brands keep stores open, keep staff in-work while also delivering an excellent online customer experience.

Between March and June this year, Go Instore helped bring back over 1,000 retail staff from furlough. With Go Instore’s technology, staff were empowered to continue providing optimal customer service, and drive sales via a remote one-way video, two-way audio session. Customers were able to make informed purchased decisions, with a humanised digital experience from the safety of their own homes.

Since then, many retailers have increased their users and licences ahead of this second lockdown in order to continue reaping the benefits of Go Instore’s technology. Since March this year, Go Instore has helped generate tens of millions of pounds in incremental revenue for its customers. Shoppers using Go Instore are 8x more likely to buy, versus a regular online website, and retailers are seeing conversion rates of up to 30% with an average increased order value of 43%.

Andre Hordagoda, CEO & Co-Founder at Go Instore said:

“This is a critical point for retailers – they can’t afford to stagnate and hope for the world to go back to normal. When the world first went into lockdown, the enterprise world was agile and adapted to the situation by quickly adopting remote technologies – the retail world must now do the same. At Go Instore, we believe that we can offer retailers a genuine solution to help them overcome the myriad of challenges they will face over the coming months.”

“We saw in the first lockdown that we were able to help retailers continue improve their online customer experience, increase their online revenue and most importantly, keep their stores open and keep their staff in jobs. By offering these free online consultation services we hope to support retailers as they look to adapt to the challenging circumstances that lie ahead.”


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