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Fiverr buys creative talent platform Working Not Working

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Freelance job platform Fiverr has bought Working Not Working, a platform for high-end creative talent that’s used by the likes of Google, Netflix, Spotify, Droga5, and Wieden+Kennedy.

Fiverr buys creative talent platform Working Not Working

Working Not Working was founded in 2011 by Justin Gignac and Adam Tompkins. The site was initially created to help their friends and connections in the creative industry find jobs and new opportunities.

After over a decade working in advertising, they both spent time navigating the uncertainties of freelancing, and from there, Working Not Working was born.

Today, the platform connects tens of thousands of full-time creatives and freelancers with top brands and agencies through a subscription model. The company will remain a standalone organization and retain its team, with Justin and Adam remaining at the helm.

“Justin and Adam’s philosophy of building a platform to help top creative talent find work has become an amazing community of experienced creatives. The respect they have garnered from the creative industry is admirable,”

said Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO. “We share a similar belief that talent is borderless and technology can be used to provide global opportunities. We are excited to have Working Not Working join us to help our efforts in building new products that appeal to the advertising and marketing communities. This acquisition expands our penetration into high quality creatives and freelancers and gives them the opportunity to tap into our technology and know-how to help them bring global demand to their community. This is just the beginning.”

“We believe that the jobs of the future will be creative jobs,”

said Justin Gignac, CEO and Co-founder of Working Not Working. “With Fiverr’s technology and powerful insight into building a global platform, Working Not Working and our community can be at the center of that future. No matter how the creative industry shifts, talent will always be the constant. We couldn’t be more certain about our decision to come on board and help Fiverr change how the world works together.”


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