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Fiverr and Wix team up for new training scheme for people with disabilities

Fiverr and Wix team up for new training scheme for people with disabilities

Fiverr and Wix are teaming up to provide a program where experts from Wix will train people with disabilities to build accessible websites.

The participants will then be able to offer their services as web accessibility builders in a dedicated hub on the Fiverr platform in which traffic will be directed to.

According to the UN, in most developed countries the official unemployment rate for persons with disabilities of working age is at least twice that for those who have no disability. This program creates real, equal opportunities for the disabled community to gain professional professional experience and improve their financial stability.

As part of the program, Wix will train the participants to build websites and more specifically, to make them accessible. Fiverr will then educate participants on how to become successful sellers on the Fiverr platform. After completion, participants will have the opportunity to monetize their new skills on Fiverr by becoming freelancers.

“We believe that the future of the internet is one where anyone, anywhere can access any site of their choosing, no matter their abilities,” said Mor Levinhar Tzang, Lead for Fiverr Empower, Fiverr’s program dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities. “We are happy to cooperate with Wix as both companies share the same values in providing opportunities for all and making the internet more accessible. This initiative gives us the opportunity to help empower the disabled community and provide them with the tools and resources they need to earn income as freelance Wix web designers on Fiverr.”

The program contributes to the global effort around world inclusiveness and creates real, equal opportunities for this community. By giving additional support and education, the two companies are coming together to help program participants gain professional experience, and empower them to succeed.

“We believe that the web is meant to be a place for everyone, and we’re proud to partner with Fiverr to serve this vision,” said Nir Horesh, Head of Accessibility at Wix. “In educating more people to build accessible websites we are making the internet more inclusive so that everyone can visit and enjoy it.”

The training will be virtual and the first class will be open to people based in the U.S. with future plans to expand the program globally.


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