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Covid 19 and how brands stepped-up to help both customers and staff

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The world’s biggest health crisis, became the world’s biggest economic crisis. Along the way many organisations changed the way they work. Internally they rapidly developed ways to support their staff, and externally they found new ways to help customers – often through radical changes to eiter what they normally offered or how they offered it.

Covid 19 and how brands stepped-up to help both customers and staff

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed business structures, supply lines and customer and client relations. It did this over night. Innovations that previously may have taken years were achieved in weeks.

Proactive brands needed to spot how they could quickly evolve, inside and out, to help in practical ways beyond simple marketing messages. From Unilever Food Solutions aiding catering chefs to supermarkets ring-fencing shopping time for vulnerable and key workers, we look at how brands changed their communications and infrastructure to help customers, clients and staff through the global health pandemic.

Here’s our selection of a few that really stood out.

  • Global: Unilever Food Solutions helps catering chefs adapt to virus challenges

  • USA: Miller Lite encourages people to ‘tip your bartender’

  • UK: Supermarket giant Tesco ringfences time for health service workers

  • Global: Wedding site helped locked down wedding industry

  • USA: Mattel offered at home play for housebound kids

  • Global: Spoon Guru bolsters immunity support with shopping tips

  • Global: Domo updated Covid-19 global tracker with embeddable country-level stats


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