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Cornetto's Valentine's Day Challenge: Elevating the Love Experience

Cornetto faced the challenge of surpassing the success of its "Road to Love" campaign in 2013 and addressing the shortcomings by focusing on only a few popular couples and neglecting consumer engagement. The goal for Valentine's Day 2014 was to provide young individuals with a memorable and unique love experience.


As a beloved ice cream brand among young people, Cornetto is known for its unique personality and a range of delicious, enticing products. Cornetto believes in the message "Enjoy the ride, love the ending" - emphasizing the enjoyment of the journey towards love and the satisfaction of a happy ending.


  • Increase consumer awareness of the Cornetto brand.

  • Become an icon for every Valentine's Day.

  • Increase market share after the campaign.


The choice of Valentine's Day has become predictable and mundane, leaving young couples yearning for a memorable and extraordinary experience. This insight inspired Cornetto to provide an opportunity for young people to live and elevate their own love stories.


Valentine's Day 2014 became an opportunity for young people to live and elevate their own love stories. By connecting the unique ice cream product - a sweet journey from the topping to the refreshing ice cream itself - with the reality of love's ups and downs, Cornetto aimed to inspire couples to embrace a love without reservations. This concept resonates with the true essence of Valentine's Day - a perfect moment for Cornetto to reach out to consumers.

Creative Idea

Elevating the degree of love - exploring the 4 levels of love: Love at First Sight, Love Confession, Passionate Love, and Soaring Love.

Cornetto engaged the target audience in an "enjoyment" of the love journey, assessing their current love levels and gradually progressing to a new stage. Ultimately, the campaign aimed to immerse couples in love at the destination - a romantic and sweet Valentine's Day event, offering an exciting choice for couples on this special day.


The campaign was executed through four stages:

Stage 1: Igniting the Valentine's Day theme, arousing excitement for a memorable experience.

Stage 2: Introducing the "4 Degrees of Love" journey, encouraging young people to explore their own love levels, enjoy Cornetto ice cream, and receive e-tickets to become one of the special 1000 couples invited to an enticing Valentine's Day event.

Stage 3: The "Elevating the Degree of Love" Valentine's Day event at Saigon Botanical Garden (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

Stage 4: Spreading the impact of the emotional Valentine's night and sharing the sweet moments of event attendees.


Cornetto organized the "Elevating the Degree of Love" Valentine's Day event on February 14, 2014, at Saigon Botanical Garden (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City). It was a wonderful opportunity to express one's feelings to their loved one in a romantic setting, under the sparkling candlelight, exchanging kisses amidst a shower of white petals, and walking on the colorful path of love. This event could mark a new chapter in their love story.

Additionally, young people could indulge in sweet love songs and popular hits performed by familiar artists such as Van Mai Huong, Bao Tram Idol, Thai Trinh, and the band 365.

Viral Clip

Cornetto launched a viral clip called "Cornetto 4 Degrees of Love," portraying the different stages of a romantic love story, including Love at First Sight, Love Confession, Passionate Love, and Soaring Love. This clip aimed to spark curiosity about individuals' own love levels on Valentine's Day.


Cornetto stirred up excitement for Valentine's Day, generating desire for a memorable experience. Adorable interactive moments and ticket registration on the Cornetto Vietnam Facebook platform were implemented more than two months before the event.


Cornetto achieved its goal of surpassing the weaknesses of 2013, elevating the love experience for over 1000 couples who participated in an unlimited, interactive, and beautiful experience. With 2000 vibrant red balloons soaring high, and the resounding "I love you" echoing throughout Saigon Botanical Garden from over 1000 couples, it demonstrated the crystallization and euphoria of love.

On the communication front, the number of fans captivated by the journey doubled compared to 2013. They provided positive feedback and warm gratitude for Cornetto's lovely gift on Valentine's Day, flooding social media and the press.

Comparing Valentine's Day events in terms of numbers may be difficult, as each brand has its own unique identity, goals, and investment strategies for February 14. However, it can be said that Cornetto has gained a loyal fan base with a simple and relatable message to young lovers: every love deserves to be cherished, to shine, and to soar on this special day dedicated to the heart.


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