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Case study: Indonesian online retailer doubles sales with Instagram Live social media ads

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

To boost engagement, the Indonesian ecommerce platform Tokopedia used Instagram Live alongside ads in Instagram Stories for the first time, which doubled sales for products featured in the campaign.

Case study: Indonesian online retailer doubles sales with Instagram Live social media ads


Tokopedia was one of the largest ecommerce platforms in Indonesia, allowing people and businesses to set up and manage their own shops. Operating in a competitive marketplace, the company wanted to stand out during the busy year-end e-commerce sales period. The ecommerce brand wanted to increase engagement with its young target audience on Instagram, as well as drive website traffic and conversions.

Case study: Indonesian online retailer doubles sales with Instagram Live social media ads


To increase visibility during the busy year-end sales period, the ecommerce company created an extensive strategy that combined influencers with paid and unpaid campaigns on Instagram.

To make the campaign as visible as possible on Instagram, Tokopedia used ads in Instagram Stories, posts by select influencers and Instagram Live streaming. Influencers posted campaign-related content in their feeds, Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, and also added the brand’s logo and other image assets to their profile, bio and Instagram Stories Highlights to amplify the brand and campaign messaging.

To encourage more interaction, the brand also went on Instagram Live during peak engagement periods, introducing Tokopedia’s shop owners and their products using a split screen. To promote engaging Instagram Live sessions in Instagram Stories and ads in Stories, Tokopedia used the swipe-up function that linked to an add-to-calendar widget to remind people about the sessions.

Tokopedia also ran ads that were optimised for conversions and retargeted to people who had used the app, visited the website or made a purchase in the last quarter. To drive more website visits, it also ran ads that were optimised for traffic with the same targeting.


The 3-day campaign ran between 5-7 December 2018 and achieved:

  • 2.2X increase in unique store visits

  • 67% increase in product Page views

  • 2X increase in sales for featured products

  • 3.1X increase in online store visits for featured brands

Maritsen Darvite, Head of Social Media at Tokopedia, said: “Because our target audience is active on Instagram, it’s the ideal platform for our marketers to generate engagement and awareness. This campaign has been the best Instagram Live event that we’ve ever had, demonstrating the power of this channel and value for our brand.”

Why it matters

For marketers, live feeds on social media offer a more immersive online shopping experience than ever before. Tokopedia made their online sale a true ‘event’, generating excitement and engagement on social media, and smart use of influencers to double sales. High street retail and ecommerce are now more entwined than ever, and marketers need to gear their campaigns to provide a truly ominichannel experience for people.


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