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Burger King partners TikTok for ‘Whopper Dance Challenge’

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Burger King is partnering with TikTok with a new campaign that lets customers order their burgers through the medium of dance.

BK guests can order the Whopper for only $1 through dance ordering only.

The brand has tapped TikTok stars to create a dance ordering tutorial utilising a custom mashup track.

Jorge Luiz R. Oliveira, Director, Media & Social Channels, Burger King Corporation, said:

“We are investing in our digital channels and are always looking for innovative ways to engage with guests. The BK North America team is constantly pushing into new territories and Whopper Dance on TikTok is one of these ideas,” said

TikTok influencers Loren Gray, Avani and Nathan Davis Jr. will post tutorial videos on their personal TikTok pages, demonstrating moves representing Whopper sandwich combinations that users can incorporate into their customized dance order.

To receive the $1 Whopper® sandwich on the BK® App, users need to follow the BK brand on TikTok and then must post their order dance video on TikTok using the specialized BK soundtrack and #WhopperDance.

Afterwards, users will receive a direct message on TikTok from Burger King with a unique code to be used on the BK® App. Guests can pick up their order in restaurant or place the order for delivery with a $10 minimum per order. The TikTok #WhopperDance coupon will be valid through June 28, 2020. Additionally, delivery is free on the BK App with a $10 minimum order until July 5, 2020.


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