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Brand Benefits Ladder

Developing and building a brand is an upward journey, as a marketer, we need a long-term vision and direction. How do you define a long-term vision and direction for your brand?

If you have no idea for defining your own brand's vision and direction, try my way! I often used a marketing tool/ framework, known as the benefits laddering or brand benefits ladder. It is a marketing tool used to map out product features up to aspirational benefits in a logical, connected way.

What is Brand Benefits Ladder or Benefits Laddering?

Brand Benefits Ladder is a marketing framework which helps marketers to translate features into functional benefits, functional benefits into emotional benefits, and emotional benefits into aspirational benefits. Over the life cycle of a brand, it must go through these rungs of the benefits ladder to gain brand loyalty and increase brand equity. The most successful brands have lasted the test of time because they have taken their consumers through these levels. Now they are at an aspirational level.

In this short video, I will help you understand the framework, and brief example for using this framework. I believe you can use it after watching the video. In case you want to know more detail how to get the data, how to prioritize, how to develop the direction, etc , please participate in my paid course.

Brand Benefits Ladder starts with the lowest level – Product Features or Product attributes. From these specific product features, we must think of the functional benefits which consumers need from the product and the product features can offer. After that, we must understand exactly how does consumers ultimately feel about your brand? And finally, up from there is the aspirational benefit or how the brand/product changes the consumer's life.

Watch the example in the video to understand more about how to apply Brand Benefits Ladder in your brand building journey.

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