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Ryan Holmes is an entrepreneur, digital businessman, author, marketing trainer, and investor who made 5.16 million USD income counted from Feb 2019 to the 27th Aug 2021.


Ryan Holmes is Global Marketing Head of Orion Food, the 14th largest confectionery group in the world with the revenue of 1.9 billion USD in 2020. Currently, I managed Marketing strategy and operation in over 36 countries.

Ryan Holmes was the best seller Marketing Intructor in Udemy just one month after the first course launch in Feb 2019.

Ryan Holmes started professional Marketing career in 2009 and handled different multi-million USD brands including OMO Detergent (250M Euro revenue in Vietnam in 2013), 0 Degree RTD Green Tea (230M USD in Vietnam in 2015), Number 1 Energy Drink (100M USD in 2010)

Personal Key Milestones





  • Mar 2022, he decided to stop his employment life at Jun 2022 and focus on his Digital Business and Investment.

  • Apr 2021, Ryan planned to stop his employment life after earning over 1,000,000 USD first time, and plan to invest his time and effort in his digital businesses.

  • May 2021, Ryan got the offer from Orion Food as Global Marketing Head, then he decided to take this chance to challenge and develop his skills and experience more.

  • Aug 2021, his personal asset reached 5,168,245 USD thanks to the booming of crytocurrencies and his holding stocks.

  • Sep 2021 - Dec 2021, he expanded his Marketing courses and business courses in other online platforms including: Clickbank, coursle (Europe), LearnDesk, Findtheteacher, Grinfer, and Instancy.

  • Feb 2019, Ryan started his first course in Udemy. The course became the top rating after 1 month, became the best selling course after 4 months.

  • Mar 2019, Ryan expanded his Marketing services of Ryansconsulting to some immigration agencies, EB-5 Regional Centers, and Real Estates Companies. In 2019, he made over 200,000 USD from marketing service fee and commissions for these programs, not including other businesses and salary from employment. He paid off all his debts.

Jul 2017, Ryan lost almost key pillars in life including:

  • broke with his love

  • loss of forex trading and stock trading with 86,000 USD.

  • got the lawsuit from the previous company for working for its competitor (actually his company at that time was not the direct competitor). This company pressed his company in Regional office and Vietnam office to fire him.

  • he suffered vestibular disorders and couldn't do anything during 2 months. He couldn't manage all his business and online businesses then. Without income, he lived based on his credit card until it showed -11,360 USD.

  • During 8 months, I didn't get any job because his salary was so high and not companies could offer him.

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